Friday 7 March 2008

Stormy Weather - EBW Challenge

Well... as the weather here in Israel just gets more beautiful and hotter (today was a scorcher!) hard to envision storms... but only a week ago it was very reminiscent of all the beautiful entries of the EtsyBeadweavers' Challenge.

32 stunning entries!!! so many interpretations... so much talent!!! I already voted for one of my favourites.... because to be honest.... I could have voted for at least 5.... but sadly only one is the rule! :-)

and now it's your turn!!!! Go vote! :-) and you really don't have to vote for me... but should you chose to do so ;-) (wink, wink) my entry is # 11 on the list: Eye of the Storm Necklace

This challenge is my 3rd and every single one has been an amazing experience and incredibly inspirational as it has encouraged me to think out of my box and pushed me to create something I usually wouldn't have created... and inspired me to more!

Here is my piece # 11: Eye of the Storm

for those of you who have missed my previous posts on this piece, here are the links:

Stormy Weather

Eye of the Storm

So don't put it off!! voting ONLY lasts one week!!!!

and in honour of this challenge I created a treasury:
which will expire sunday 9th March

Wishing everyone that entered the best of luck and wishing everyone a wonderful week end! :-)