Thursday 27 March 2008

Bracelet Mania

I can't stop beading.... not even long enough to read the latest edition of Beadwork magazine that arrived yesterday :-) and it seems that my obsession for the week is beading bracelets... and white!!! which is even stranger for me than pink.... but I'm loving it!!! I really must be going soft in my old age, I'm becoming girlie :-)

so here are 3 that I made earlier :-)

These 2 below are the basically the same bracelet, the left one (Pearls and Bricks ) differes from the right one (Happy Bride ) in colour and size of seed beads, also the left one has alternating rows of Swarovsky crystals and pearls, the right one only pearls.

This next one (Spring Bride) is so much fun... I made one for myself :-) and I'm also in the process of finishing off a complimentary choker... hopefully I will be able to post it in a few days... I love all three pictures and couldn't decide which one to post, and as I'm so proud of all of them, decided to post all :-)

Come back in a few days to see the choker :-)


  1. Thanks Lone Beader :-)
    I really love using cubes :-)

  2. I love these bracelets... nice design... my favourite are the 2 in white!... these cubes pearls are really wondeful!!!

  3. Really pretty, I bride would love the white ones. My favorite is the Pearls and Bricks Bracelet. I really like the cube beads a lot :o)