Monday 31 March 2008


Ok.... I just haven't found the time to post this... mainly working but also beading... so I decided to stop beading (temporarily of course) and write about the new book by Nicole Campanella of Beadwright that is about to come out and is already flying off... well not off the shelves, as it hasn't even reached there yet!!! ... but the pre-orders are flying in!!!
"Flatwork" is a beading project book with a gallery of flatwork created by artists from all over the world... and yes.... Nicole was kind enough to include some of my pieces in her book!!!! Isn't it amazing?!?! :-D I'm so exited.... I cannot wait for the book to come out!!! it's definitely one for my forever-growing beading library!!! For more details on the book and the author, go to:
Thank you so much Nicole for including my work in your book!!!! :-) I really can't wait to see it and to try out all your wonderful techniques.... this book is G-d sent to me and just at the right time as I'm getting more and more into bead embroidery and am itching to learn so much more!!!!
Go order your copy, before it's too late :-)


  1. That looks like a fantastic book!

  2. Triz - this is exciting - I am going to look at the book info right now. You work is amazing and should be in print!!

  3. Congratulation... I think your stunning creations will make a wonderful impression in this book!

  4. Thanks :-) I'm so exited about it!!! :-)