Thursday 24 January 2013

Tribal Dance – take 2

Remember my post not long ago about a soutache piece, Tribal Dance, where after I had finished it and taken photos the beads peeled?  Well, I was so upset about it (and still am) and I wanted to make another piece using the same colours… and this is what came out:

Tribal Dance Necklace Brown 03

Tribal Dance Necklace Brown 02

Although it didn’t come out anything like the first one… I love this one just as much if not even more!!! Really happy with how it turned out and how it looks on!!!

I’m really loving this soutache technique!!! Still learning… and trying out different things with it…. but am definitely loving it!!!

And now… back to the beading table!!! have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Enchanted Forest

In keeping with my non-procrastinating attempts…. I locked myself in my room… I made three new soutache pieces… but not only did I make them… but I also pulled myself away from making any more so I could take pictures, post them and blog about them!!! I’m determined not to procrastinate!!!! 

These pieces were inspired by childhood memories of being in a forest and pretending that it was a magical forest…

Enchanted Forest Necklace 01
Enchanted Forest Necklace 02

Enchanted Forest Earrings 03

Enchanted Forest Pendant 03

I’m so please with how these pieces turned out… can’t wait to get back to the beading table (or in my case the beading bed :-D )… I want to make some more earrings… I really love the look of soutache earrings and NEED to make a few pairs for myself :-)

Thursday 10 January 2013


I don’t think there is anyone who is more guilty of procrastination than I am!!! I’m not into new year’s resolutions, but if I was… trying to stop procrastinating would definitely be on the top of my list!!! While writing this post I’m forced to look at myself and try to understand why it is that I do this? I’m not lazy… I enjoy what I do (of course I’m not talking about putting off cleaning the flat… which is the only time I forgive myself for procrastinating!)… so why do I find myself constantly putting off stuff? am I easily distracted? do I have so many ideas floating about in my head that I constantly jump from one to another?… am I too overwhelmed? I think that maybe all apply!!! So this year I will attempt not to procrastinate as much as I usually do… and in an effort to do that I’m now posting pieces that I made in the last few months and just didn’t get around to photograph, list, post, etc. …

Ocean Flower Necklace 03

Ocean Flower Cuff 03 

Arctic Blue Earrings 02

Arctic Blue Lagoon Cuff 01

Crowning Glory Cuff 01

All the pieces above were made quite a while ago…. but somehow I didn’t manage to post until recently… and now for some more recently made pieces… all soutache!!! Did I mention that I'm really enjoying this new technique?!?! ;-D

Burgandy, Wine, Lilac, pink, silver pendant 01

Emerald Dream 02

And now… I’m finally all caught up!!!! :-D

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Wishing you all a healthy, successful, prosperous and happy new year!!!! ;-)