Saturday 27 December 2008

Thank you all!!!

I haven't felt like doing much this week... apart from working (real job) and looking after my son who is on Hanukah holiday from kindergarten for 10 days....  The 20th anniversary of my cousin's death has affected me a lot more than I expected... more than all the other ones until now... maybe it's because it's such a huge number and I can't quite put my head around it all... I'm not sure... but the one thing I do know for sure is how all your wonderful comments have lifted my spirits... and for that I thank you... so much!!! I really appreciate it... who would have thought that when I started this blog, about a year ago.... it would have been a way for me to meet all of you wonderful people... thank you so much!!!! I'm honoured to know some of you!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Hanukah and Xmas and wish all of you a very happy, peaceful, fruitful new year filled with only the best!!!!

So no beading to show... all my project are on hold now... between my son being home and work commitments...  there has been no time, nor energy.... but I have spent lots of quality time with my son, and as the weather here finally turned to winter, I took the opportunity to take my little monkey to the beach... I love the beach in the winter especially when the weather is a bit stormy... so armed with my new gorgeous camera and my gorgeous little monkey, we spent a morning at the beach... me taking photos... my son chasing pigeons.... we both had fun... and here are some pictures of that day!!! 

et beach 18et beach 02et beach 17beach 02

beach 05beach 03

Ani lo wan gow omm!!!!  (translated, I don't want to go home) my son, growing up here in Israel, doesn't speak proper English yet... he speaks Hebrish... which is exactly what it sounds... a mixture of Hebrew and English, basically whenever he misses a word in English he just substitutes it with the Hebrew for it... this makes it quite hard for people to understand him, unless they speak both languages, but it's hilarious!!!
I love these 2 photos - they just make me laugh - he's not usually a stroppy kid, quite the opposite, so his stroppy faces make me laugh! :-)

 et beach 19et beach 16

this last one  is one of how he usually looks:

et beach 14


I have to learn how to work the timer on the new camera so that before he turns 18 I may have a picture of the 2 of us together!!!! :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year!!!! Stay warm and safe!!!   

Sunday 21 December 2008

Dear Marc....

marc & i 02marc & i







I cannot believe that it's 20 years!!!!  20 years and a few days since I last spoke to you.... 20 years and about a month since I last saw you....

and had I known that would have been the last time I would speak to you, I would have tried to make that one last conversation more meaningful.... I would have said goodbye.... I would have said take care of yourself.... I would have said I'll miss you more than I could ever have thought possible....  I would have told you not to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately you didn't miss your flight.... unfortunately that flight became the last flight you would ever take... you didn't even make it to your holiday destination.... there were people out there, evil people, who made sure you wouldn't.... and why? I have no idea.... I have no idea why anyone would want to cause so much pain to so many people....  why anyone would think nothing of murdering 270 innocent people.

We were glued to the news from the moment it happened....  we waited for news.... we waited for good news... we hoped, we prayed.... but eventually the news announced that there were no survivors....and we still continued to watch.... and we still continued to pray.... and we still continued to hope....  that they had made a mistake.... that you did survive... that you were the lucky one....  then confirmation came.... and your casket covered in a black sheet arrived at your parents' home in London... it was a box.... I was hoping this was an elaborate prank on your behalf and you would pop out from around the corner any minute now.... but when they lifted that box and I saw the effort those people used to do so, I understood that you were inside that box.... the heavens were crying.... grown men were crying.... your friends, your family.... everyone... and all I could see was the image of the carcass of your airplane.... that image is now imprinted in my psyche forever... I hate that image!!!!!!!!!!!

So I found these old pictures of us when we were really little and I keep the one of me kissing your cheek on my cork board next to the computer, so I can see it everyday and try to delete those horrific images from my mind....  this one below, I keep it on a wall in my living room... the pictures are fading.... the memories are fading.... the pain remains.....


Marc A. Tager (1966-1988) with former P.M. Yitzhac Shamir

So much has happened in the last 20 years... some of it is just a blur.... I wonder if you know.... I named my son after you.... I hope he grows up to be half the man you were....

your smile... your warmth, your compassion, your generosity, your joie de vivre, your friendship, your jokes and yes, even your pranks, are the things I miss the most.... you were definitely too good for this world... and I really hope you are in a better place, otherwise nothing makes sense....

my dearest Marc.... my dearest cousin,  you are and you will always be in our hearts, thoughts and minds.... but what you are and will always be the most is missed.

With all my love,

Triz xxxx

Friday 19 December 2008

So much going on!!!

It has been a while since I sat down and actually wrote.... and so much has been happening!!!  I'm currently working on 6 or 7 pieces at once, something I never do... but I just had all these ideas going through my head and if I don't start on them right away, my head gets cluttered with so many other things that I forget what those ideas were.... I tried sketching them down, but I just end up with lots of scribbles on paper that I don't really remember or understand what I wanted to do with them...  so lots of beading.... but nothing finished :-)  I usually get a lot of beading done on the weekend... but tomorrow morning my son has been invited to a classmate's birthday party....  and he's still too young to be left at the party on his own, so I have to go with him :-( not what I would voluntarily do with my weekend... a morning with 35 under 5s!!!! :-) so maybe next weekend.... and....

sunrise 01


I just bought a new camera!!!!! I can't tell you how exited I am not to have to use my crappy old one anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going from a very old Nikon Coolpix 3100 to a GORGEOUS :-) Canon PowerShot SX10 IS.... which means from 3 mega pixels to 10!!!!!  You may think I'm completely nuts.... but I'm crazy about cameras and have been taking photos since I can remember... at 17 I had my own B&W darkroom... and getting a new camera for me is the equivalent of getting a new car for most people... so I'm super-exited!!!! :-)


sunrise 02So, this morning I couldn't resist taking pictures of the gorgeous sunrise that was appearing before my very tired eyes (at 5 something am) outside my window - here is the view I'm lucky enough to see every single morning!!! :-) I love the fact that my balcony faces east and that I get to see the sunrise everyday, I'm glad to see the beginning of the day unfold, gives me hope for a better day and beauty to fulfil my soul.

So I've been playing around with my new camera a bit! :-) and today I finally received the instructions in English for it (I still can't work out why they take the English instructions out of the boxes here in Israel, so you always have to contact the company or its agents to get the English ones!!! annoys me a bit... but hey... at least now I got them and can get on with learning more about how to use it more efficiently! :-)  Can't wait to start taking pictures of my beadwork, when I get round to finish it. :-)

And.... The EtsyBeadWeavers' Snow Queen Challenge winner is Karin from gypsyeyesjewelry with her stunning necklace "Queen of the Frozen Tundra".  Congratulations Karin, beautiful piece!

I love how this pieces is designed! I love that the back and front are different! I love the opals and all the different elements included in this gorgeous necklace!!!  and love those earrings too!!!!

Check out all of the entries and thank you to all of you who voted for my Frozen Waters Cuff as it came in 4th place!!!

OK.... that is it for today.... got to go and pick up my cheeky little monkey from kindergarten...  I made him chicken soup today, so I'm sure he's going to be super happy!!!!  as it turned out delicious!!!! :-)

Wishing everyone a super-wonderful weekend!!!! stay warm! :-)

Monday 15 December 2008

BAO Items of the Week

bao item of the week


Here are this week's wonderful items  from the Bead Art Originals.  Go check them out and see what special offers are attached to these items for the duration of this week only!

My item this week is a bead crocheted choker:

Pretty in Pink Choker

Purchase and pay for this item between now and 21st December and receive 10% off + free shipping for this item.

Thursday 11 December 2008

Frozen Waters - Earrings



I'm so pleased with how the Frozen Waters earrings have turned out that I've already started making a second pair in a different colour.  Although it's really difficult for me to keep to such small dimensions, compared to my cuffs and collars, I really enjoy making these... it's so nice to be able to start a project and finish it in the same day! :-) instead of my usual days or weeks :-)

Sadly the pictures are not brilliant... this is the best one out of a lot of really bad ones...  lack of light, but I will take some more in a few days when I have a few more pieces to photograph and better light! :-)




These earrings are the perfect complement to my entry for  this month EtsyBeadWeavers' Snow Queen December Challenge. 

Frozen Waters - Cuff

Which reminds me voting is currently taking place at vote for your favourite piece! voting ends 15th December!!!

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Snow Queen EBW December Challenge

ebwc snow queen



31 amazing entries this month!!!! WOW!!!! I have no idea which I'm going to vote for!!!!! They are all so beautiful, I think I have about 15 favourites!!!! I must narrow it down! :-)  Can you pick your favourite????

GO and check them all out at the EtsyBeadWeavers' blog and vote for your favourite!!!!!  Voting starts today 9th December and lasts till 15th, so don't put it off, cast your vote!!!!!!

My entry for the Snow Queen Challenge is # 11:
Frozen Waters Cuff

Vote for your favourite!

Monday 8 December 2008

Bead Art Originals Items of the Week


I haven't been able to post all week, mainly because I've been working on my Frozen Waters Neckpiece and as of this morning, even though the neckpiece isn't finished, I started a pair of earrings... I hope by the end of the week I'll have both posted, but in the meantime.... Here are this week's items from the Bead Art Originals -

bao item of the weekMy item this week is:
Wall Flower Choker

Purchase and pay for this gorgeous choker between now and 14th December and receive 5% off + free shipping to anywhere in the world! :-)

Monday 1 December 2008

Bead Art Originals - Items of the Week

bao item of the week

Even more Items of the Week from the talented Bead Art Originals!!!! 15 gorgeous creations!!!! go check them out and see what special offers are attached to these items from now till 7th December!!!

My item of the week is:

Blazing Flowers Earrings

Purchase and pay for these earrings between now and 7th December and receive 5% off + free shipping to anywhere in the world!!!

Friday 28 November 2008

More BAO Promotions!!!!!

From BLACK FRIDAY to CYBER MONDAY (28th November-1st December) the Bead Art Originals are having an Open House!!!!  Members are offering specials during this week end - see below list of participants -
(When purchasing  from one of these shops during the Open House weekend, make sure to include the code BAO OPEN HOUSE in the Notes to Seller).

  • Carol Dean (SandFibers): free shipping and a set of Sand Fibers coasters ($12 value) with every order during the Open House.
  • Anna (ARoseByName): free shipping
  • Heather (Humblebeads): free shipping on all orders and a free gift with purchases of $50 or more
  • Carli (Juiceglass): free shipping
  • Lisa (LisaP etersArt): free surprise gift (at least $5 value) with any purchase over $30 (note that this special is being offered through the end of the year)
  • Mak (MAKUstudio): free shipping + 10% off purchases over $50 and 15% off purchases over $100
  • Dee (Malodora): free shipping
  • Swanee (MistyRidgeBeads): free shipping
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  • Smadar (SmadarsTreasure): free shipping + 10% off the second item purchased
  • Sarah (thebeadedlily): free shipping
  • Darcy (thejadedog): free shipping
  • MaryLou (time2cre8): free shipping on entire order with the purchase of anything with the "bao team" tag
  • Lisa (tqbdesigns): free shipping
  • Triz (triz): free shipping

See a sample of the gorgeous pieces from these amazingly talented artists below - click on the pictures to be taken to their shops:



Visit my shop and receive FREE SHIPPING with every purchase to anywhere in the world!!!!  Leave me a comment in the notes to seller that you saw the promotion here and receive an additional 10% off your purchase . - 10% will be refunded via PayPal once payment is received - promotion ends 1st December
(This promotions applies to my shop only, if you are interested in any of the items from the other BAO members, please check the individual shops to see what promotions they are offering )

Happy shopping everyone! :-)

Thursday 27 November 2008

Bead Art Originals Holiday Give Away!!!! check them out!!!!

bao holiday give away


Go and visit the BAO blog and leave a comment to enter into the BAO's Holiday Give Away!!!!   There are 12 days! 12 chances to win a beautiful handmade piece created by one of the very talented Bead Art Originals members!!!!

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Bead Art Originals - Items of the Week

bao item of the week

A day late... sorry....  I was teaching yesterday and my son had some form of 24 hour flu/stomach bug... who knows, all I know is that he looks and seems much better today, thank G-d!!! so apologies for the delay... but... life sometimes happens :-)

Here is my item of the week - Crowned Cuff









Go to and see what other special are being offered this week!!!

Sunday 23 November 2008

Frozen Waters Cuff

Frozen Waters Cuff 01 copy Here is my new bead-embroidered cuff!!! It took me a really long time (over 22 hours) but I really enjoyed making it and I love how it turned out!!! :-)

Frozen Waters Cuff 03 copy








This cuff was created with the EtsyBeadWeavers' Snow Queen Challenge in mind, especially in terms of colour palette, but in terms of technique, I used the technique I learnt from making Sherry Serafini's collar and this has  definitely been a huge influence in this piece.   (see previous post)

Frozen Waters is probably going to be my entry for the EtsyBeadWeavers' December challenge "Snow Queen".  I say probably because I'm half-way through making a matching bead-embroidered collar and if I actually finish it in time, I think I may enter that one... don't know... don't know if I'll have the choice :-) also a pair or earrings are in the plan! :-) I don't know what happened, but I really like this colour combination and have been very inspired to make more with it!!! :-) come back soon! :-)

Wednesday 19 November 2008

so much going on....

I've been running around like a headless chicken these last few weeks... crazy busy with  work....  crazy busy with beading.... crazy busy with some bead-embroidery workshops that I'm giving this month.... and crazy busy with life!!!



So lots has happened since I last posted.... 1st of all "Let my People Go" won first place in this month's   EtsyBeadWeavers Challenge!!!!! yeahhhhh!!!!!! I've been so all over the place that I haven't even had the chance to absorb this... but yeahhhhhh!!!!! Really, really... my heartfelt thank you to any and all of you who voted for my entry!!! I really appreciate it!!!


on to the next challenge.... Snow Queen is the December challenge... chosen by Smadar and I, as we were the joint winners of the October EBW Challenge :-)


DSCN5468 Here is a preview of my piece for the next challenge and as soon as I have a spare few hours to finish it I will post it! I really love how it's turning out!  :-)

The theme Snow Queen wasn't too hard to think of, but now I have the honour of choosing the next one... hmmmm..... haven't got a clue!!!  any suggestions?..... what theme would you like to challenge the EtsyBeadWeavers with?... if you feel like sharing any ideas, I'm all ears! :-)

and last, but not least..... BAO Item of the Week - I'm sorry it's a bit late, but as I mentioned above, I've been a busy busy bee :-)


bao item of the week

Another wonderful selection from the BAO!!! Go check them out! See what special offers are attached to these gorgeous pieces:

My item this week is Flaming Wall Flower Bracelet - purchase and pay for this item between now and the 23rd November and receive 10% off + FREE shipping!!!!









I'm sure I've forgotten a few more things, but that is all the time I have for now.... come back soon and check out my entry for December's EBW Snow Queen Challenge :-)