Wednesday 30 July 2008

keeping it! :-)


well.... the problem with me using turquoise is that I love all things turquoise too much to be able to part with them... so here is another one that will be added to my collection of turquoise jewellery that I won't be selling :-)

All the ideas I had in my head didn't seem to quite work, so I opted to keep it simple (sometimes simple is best) and after finishing the bail, I decided to simply string it onto 3 pieces of brown leather and.... here is my new necklace! :-)

Tomorrow I'll try and stay away from turquoise and see if I can come up with something a bit more....hmmmm.... interesting? :-)

Not sure where this is going :-)

DSCN4675 I finally got to bead weave yesterday... It felt like I hadn't beaded for so long that I couldn't remember how to! :-)

Didn't really have anything specific in mind... or maybe I had too many things flying around in my head that I couldn't see any of them too clearly... am not sure...

So I figured that I would be better off to just start rather than just sit and stare blankly at the table! :-)



Turquoise is my favourite colour!!!! and when mixed with a sort of lime green, it just blows my mind!!! 
I've had this large turquoise donut for a while now... and just bought some de-stash from Elements Jeweley containing lots of Delica beads that I'm not so familiar with using.... am not sure that it will work together, but sometimes it's fun to see how a piece develops when you combine things together that you usually wouldn't, whether in terms of using a colour combination that you usually wouldn't use or combining elements together that don't quite make sense... the worse that can happen is that you'll end up hating the piece!!! :-) but if that doesn't happen then you will not only LOVE it but will have created something new and different...


and this is what I'm doing.... I love using the Delica beads because they are so even, but am not sure if I like them with the natural feeling of the turquoise stone.... not sure of it.... but worse comes, I'll just cut it up and I will have learnt that I don't like the combination! :-)









Hopefully I will be able to work on it some more later on.... let's see where this takes me! :-)

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments! :-) I love hearing everyone's different takes and opinions! ;-)

Tuesday 29 July 2008

Last of the thank yous :-)

Yesterday I took the day off!!! I didn't do anything with it.... but I stayed away from work, computer and beads! :-) sometimes it happens, batteries need to be recharged... a holiday, as I have not had one in oh.... longer than I care to think of, would be better, but a day off helps! :-)

Here is the rest of my thank yous! :-)

Thank you TheBeadedLily - wonderful beadweaver, jewellery maker and person! check out her blog and her shop!




Thank you Ixela for being a wonderful and caring friend!!! and for making these gorgeous crocheted necklaces/bracelets... I have to get myself one!!!! :-) I LOVE them!!!! Check out her wonderful blog and shop! - ok... so I got one!!! I just couldn't resist!!!! I really, really love it!!!!!


Thank you Waterrose - who makes the most wonderful embroidered cuffs and rings! check out her blog and shop!




Link to Inspire Emotion

Thank you Nicole of Inspire Emotion - check out her wonderful blog!


Thank you Jean Hutter who always takes the time to comment on my blog! She is not only a wonderful bead artist but also creates beautiful paintings! check all of her blogs and shops :-)
Jean Hutter - Water Media Artist + art blog
TotallyTwisted - shop and blog


and last but not least.... Art for Hair - who makes the most wonderful hair sticks ! Check out her shop and blog!

Ok! so this turned out more of a wish list than a thank you list :-) so if any of my family actually ever comes over here to read my blog, any of these would be very much appreciated!!! :-)



As for what's going on in my life.... well yesterday I decided that rather than spend my life worrying about these men climbing over to my balcony again, I would show them what to expect if they did, so I put on my karate gear, which hasn't been worn in over a year... or is it two?.... and went on my balcony, in plain view to all of them and in the sweltering heat and burning sun, did some karate training and practice my Kata!!! yeah, come on over now, baby!!! :-) I don't like being the victim, neither do I like playing the victim nor seeming like a victim!!! I am no victim!!!!!

Today, as you can imagine my legs are killing me! :-) and I think I broke my foot again (last count I broke about 7 different bones in my feet, but still love karate!)... ok, so I probably shouldn't have been kicking a piece of metal, at least not on my first attempt in so long :-) a softer alternative would have been sufficient :-) too late :-) so I'm limping a bit, it too will heal :-)

Today I'm spending the day beading!!!!!! yeah!!!!! now that is what makes me truly happy!!!

Check back soon to see what I came up with!!!!

Friday 25 July 2008

More thank yous!!! :-)

I have been so touched by not only the amount of comments my previous ranting post received but also by the quality of these comments and by the heartfelt wishes - here is my attempt at thanking these wonderful people whose words truly touched my heart.

Thank you MJ - MJ is the author of  How to Grow - I wasn't familiar with this blog, but now it will definitely be on my blog reading list - I really enjoyed reading this blog and it actually made me laugh, because I found so many similarity in the  way MJ describes herself, feels and the goals she sets herself - almost weird... I think if one of my friends would stumble upon this blog they may actually think that some of it was written by me....  really weird! :-)  Thank you MJ for your kind and supportive comment!!!

Thank you The Mommy and Me BoutiqueThe Mommy and Me Boutique  is a gorgeous blog and shop selling the things I was looking for, 4 and a bit years ago whilst I was pregnant with my son...   If you are looking for that special baby present, check her shop out!!! She also makes the most gorgeous little  girl  dresses. and aprons... I almost wish I had a little girl!!! :-) as well as my son, of course, not instead!!! :-)

awardNot only was I left a beautiful comment but I was also awarded this award!!!
thank you sooooo much!!! As I said... wonderful Etsy and Blogging community!!!  I'm now supposed to nominate 7 blogs.... only 7?!?! :-) so I will have to sleep on it tonight.... will come back with my list at a later time :-)

Thank you Marlaine - No words were necessary and I really appreciate your comments - Marlaine makes gorgeous beadwoven jewellery - check out her blog Beadalicious and shop!


Thank you Clinkscales Arts -  Thank you for thinking of me :-)

Check out her shop and blog for some really lovely beadwoven pieces!



Thank you Melody of  SalamanderHouse -  Melody makes some very interesting beadwork, check out her blog and shop!

Thank you Linda of  HighDesertBeadscapes - Not a poor attempt at humour, it made me smile! :-)  You can see more of Linda's gorgeous beadwork in her shop and her blog!



Thank you Azure Island Designs - Thank you for your kind words - please check out her lovely jewellery and blog!!!




Thank you Amy Lilley Designs - for your comment but most of all for your wonderful e-mails - check out her photography shop, her Jewellery shop and her blog!!!

Ok... I'm now actually falling asleep at my desk... so the rest will have to wait till tomorrow, sorry but after 3 nights of not sleeping.... I guess it's all catching up with me :-)

wishing everyone a good night and a wonderful week end!!! :-)

Thank you!!!!

After a really weird and scary week culminated by my son's ear operation to remove one of the grommets yesterday - he is doing fine, he woke up from the anaesthetic like he just woke up from the most invigorating nap he ever had!!! :-) - I find myself almost speechless for the generosity and wonderful words and prayers from the blogging and Etsy community.  I've been trying to wreck my brains as to how I could possibly thank everyone.... so this is my feeble attempt because truthfully,  no words could possibly ever convey how these people have lifted my spirits during this psycho week.  Please go visit these people's blogs/shops.  These are the creme de la creme of all that is good and wonderful about this wonderful virtual community, and please if I have forgotten anyone, forgive me!  my head, although in a better place than it was a few days ago, is still very much sleep deprived.

Lets start of with the treasuries - only because they have expiry dates on them :-D:

treasury 32 - as I was in the hospital yesterday, I'm afraid I almost left it to the last minute to post this beautiful treasury curated by Sarah of  TheBeadedLily - please check her blog post explaining the inspiration behind this beautiful warm golden treasury:  - this treasury expires Saturday 26th July

Here is one of my many favourite pieces created by this wonderful person and bead artist TheBeadedLily:

Fish Stories Cuff











treasury 33

This one was curated by Smadar'sTreasure - dedicated to our newly formed EtsyStreetTeam BeadArtistsOriginals - I'm sure most of you are already familiar with this wonderful bead artist, but just in case you are not, you must visit her blog and her shop!!! - will expire Saturday 26th July

Below is one of the many gorgeous pieces created by Smadar:

Tricolor Triangles Peyote Bracelet











treasury 34  MAKUstudio curated this beautiful treasury also dedicated to our newly-formed team BeadArtistsOriginals.

MAKUstudio makes GORGEOUS Raku Beads,  Pendants and Jewellery!!! You MUST check it out!!!! Here's a sample:

Ring of Fire





 expires Saturday 26th July




treasury 35

and here is one by my dear friend Ale of Ixela - I love black and pink, so this has to be one of my all-time favourites!!!!

Black crochet lariat necklace





 expires on Sunday 27th July




So these are the treasuries :-)  on the next posts I will feature all the beautiful people who were kind enough to take the time to leave  me messages, both on my blog and by e-mail, when I was feeling at my lowest and have seriously uplifted my spirit!!! In the mean time thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Sensitive/controversial subject and three more treasuries! :-)

I cannot even begin to convey what a crappy time I'm having lately... I won't bore anyone with the details, also because I don't feel like writing for the next 4 hours, but basically I'm  trying to sell my flat and I'm stuck in a legal vortex that is sucking the life out of me which may eventually lead me to have to take one of my neighbours to court... which would then probably delay my sale for about 2-4 years!!! yes! how much fun can I be to be around at the moment!?!? :-) why am telling you this? well, mainly so you can understand how grateful I am to have been featured in all these treasuries and front page!!! It's really lifted my spirit and has inspired me to want to bead, and as soon as I have a day not filled with tracing lawyers and officials and yes, even the police today.... we found workmen, who are working in the building site next to my building, on my property (I live on the 3rd floor) moving plants about and using the balcony as their platform to build an illegal wall on my property!!!! that, compounded with the fact that when we called the police the reply from them was... it's not our problem!!!! funny I thought trespassing was illegal... I am truly worried about sleeping here. tonight... I've locked all my windows, shutters, door... my son is sleeping in my bedroom with me tonight, as well as my dog... I have a very big wooden stick under my bed... and 10 years of karate training!!! and yet I still don't feel so safe!!!  ok, so I'm rambling, and I may sound totally hysterical... but with the background of what is happening lately.... I'm sure some of you heard of the bulldozer attack in Jerusalem last week, and I believe there was one today too (16 injured)...  I am truly fearful of the idea that these men could actually, with little effort enter my home.... am I being paranoid???? well last week we saw the release of one of the most horrific murderers released in exchange for 2 of our poor kidnapped soldiers,  whose fate we were not informed of  until the very last  moment... like it was a reality show or something.... I mean imagine these poor guy's families finding out the status of their loved one on tv!!!! and then bringing back this "animal" and making him into some sort of hero.... Lebanese people do you actually know what you are celebrating???? this man went into a family's home, the mother hid with the 2 year old, who she eventually smothered, in fear that these animals would find her and her child for her child's cries.... then these animals took the father and the 3 1/2 year old precious child... killed the father in front of this precious child, so it would be the last thing this child saw before having her brains bashed in!!!!! this is your hero!!!!!!! a F***ing ( and please excuse my french!)  coward, a child killer!!!! yes that is your hero... and if that is who you think you should celebrate....  then that makes you as morally culpable as this monster!!!! Shame on you!!!!

ok, so this was not my intention.... I usually write about beading... and I apologize if I have offended anyone with this rather sensitive and oh so very political post... but really, if you have a problem, don't read it!!! yes I'm angry!!! and scared... and I'm slowly loosing faith in humanity... and these treasuries that I've been featured  in really pale in importance to the bigger picture, but I am really truly honoured that people who I have not physically met, would actually take the time to include my work in their selection...

ok, so a very strange, and probably too depressing for most, way to extend my gratitude to the following people for including me:

treasury 29

Thanks so much TotallyTwisted, a fellow beadweaver, see below one of of her wonderful  pieces:

Have a Heart - Netted Cuff Bracelet

This treasury expires on Friday 25th July:


 treasury 30

this beauty is by Smadar's Treasure see below one of her wonderful pieces:

Saraguro Hojas Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

This treasury expires on Friday 25th July:

and last but not least.... treasury 31

CieloDesign put this green beauty together... check out some of her wonderful work:

On the Meadows Necklace

This treasury expires on Friday 25th July:

Thank you all for bringing a ray of sunshine to my pretty dreadful day!!! :-)

p.s.  my comments are moderated by me... don't bother leaving any anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, anti US comments, they will not be approved and neither will they be read by me.... I'm not going to waste my time!

Front Page!!! treasuries!!! what a morning!!! :-)

  FP 01 copy
4.45 am.... I wake up and begrudgingly I get out of bed, make my way to the living room... am blinded by the computer screen... and somehow I click on the Etsy main page... and lo and behold... unsure whether I'm still asleep or hallucinating... but there I am... bottom right-hand corner... yes it's real and it's me!!!!!! :-) well not me as such... but my Blazing Flowers neckalce!!!!


This treasury expires on Wednesday 23rd July:

Somehow the excitement so early in the morning is a bit too much to take!!! and after a pretty horrific day yesterday... what a lovely way to start the day!!! even if it is 4.45 am!!!!

Thank you so much !!!!


for getting me to the front page !!!!  I've only ever been on the front page once before!!! (the last time was in February with my Elizabethan Cuff)

 Go check out Olaladesigns for some really pretty jewellery!  here is one of my faves: 

Fleurs d'agate (agate flowers) necklace






treasury 27

So, still buzzing with excitement...  I go check out the rest of the treasuries.... and find myself in 2 more!!!!

This one created by wMarlaine, a fellow beadweaver, check out one of her gorgeous beadwoven pieces :

Shades of Green Freeform Peyote Bracelet 6

This treasury expires Thursday 24th July:

The 3rd treasury I found myself in was created by my dear Italian friend Ale from Ixela:

treasury 28

Both these treasury featured my Purple Balagan!!!

Ixela makes the most wonderful treasury... must be the Italian thing going on! :-) Some of you may know, but most probably don't, I was actually born in Italy and lived there till I was 12... in fact I could not speak a word of English until then.... Italy and the people of Italy hold a really special place in my heart!

Go check out her blog which is always full of beautiful finds that Ale manages to find on Etsy and her shop, here is an example of her gorgeous whimsical jewellery:

Red flower crochet necklace/bracelet

  This treasury expires on Wednesday 23rd July:

Thank you all so much!!!! You've really made my day!!!

Sunday 20 July 2008

Purple Graces

My first day alone at home!!!!!! :-) My poor son has been home from kindergarten for the last 3 weeks!!!! and today finally his eye infection had cleared up, so I quickly dropped him off and even more quickly got back so I could finally take pictures and post my new piece!!!!  Amazing how much one can get done with no distractions :-) 

I've been working on this piece since the EtsyBeadWeavers' August challenge was announced - Art Deco!!!Thank you Staci from PinkPoochDesigns for this wonderful theme choice.    So, as my son was home for almost 3 week, and I had a houseguest for almost 6 weeks....  I found myself hiding in my bedroom, which would explain this purple mood I'm in... my bedroom walls are a rich plum colour... no wonder all I could think of is purple!!! :-) anyway... here is my latest piece - Purple Graces - I made loads of those circle , actually 6, to get the correct proportion of size difference between the 3 circles... which is brilliant because I'm supposed to make 6 gifts for the teachers at my son's kindergarten for the end of year.... and now I have 2 pendant made for them... one I've decided to put up for sale at a later stage, also like this they won't all have purple necklaces :-)

Purple Graces

 purple graces 01 copy    purple graces 05 copy











I still have a few purple things in my mind that I need to get out, but as I am now back in my living room with the bright lights and walls, am looking forward to working with some different colour combinations!!! Not that I don't like purple... it's just time :-) and because I find it incredibly difficult to photograph purple!!!!  This one didn't come out too bad, but I have a piece that I made about a month ago, similar to this one, but much smaller and less geometrical, and I don't know why but I've taken hundreds of photos, and either it's out of focus or the colours get so distorted they almost look luminescent... it's just not working out...  I'll just have to keep that pendant for myself! :-)

Friday 18 July 2008

I'm so honoured! :-)

Last week I found myself in 2 of my favourite blogs: Art Journal and Nanjodogz

The first I found myself in just by chance. The night before I was discussing the difference between wearable art and artisan jewellery with a friend, and although I tend to be able to distinguish between the 2 in my mind, I was having a harder time explaining it to him. Well this post explaines it so much better than I ever could! :-) and she uses my Ancient Cuff as example of the difference between the 2.... I'm soo honoured, thank you Nicole!!! If you are interested about the difference go check it out: Defining Art Jewelry - Six Simple Rules. Also go and visit Nicole's shop and see some beautiful jewellery, here is an example of her work:

As mentioned above, I found myself in 2 blogs, the second one by Nanjodogz, who makes the most adorable polymer clay sculptures, pendants, tiles and beads various dog breeds (see example below). Go visit Nanjodogz's blog and shop to see more! Don't forget to stop by and read

Again thank you both for featuring my work!!!! :-)

Thursday 17 July 2008

Congratulations Smadar's Treasure!!!

Congratulations Smadar for winning this month's EBW challenge!!!!

Smadar is one of my very favourite bead weavers.  I love her work!!!  and I love this bracelt  "Roses in the Night Sky Cuff Bracelet" that she created for the Midsummer's Night Dream challenge.

If you like beadwork and/or jewellery you must check out her blog and her shop and see for yourself her beautiful creations!!! Each piece is beautifully and intricately bead-woven into gorgeous designs using tiny glass seed beads!!!

Smadar's Treasure's Blog

Smadar's Treasure's Shop


 My entry Midsummer Nights Dream came 3rd!!!! Thanks to all of you who voted for me!!! Really appreciated!!! :-)












To view the other runners up please visit: