Friday 28 November 2008

More BAO Promotions!!!!!

From BLACK FRIDAY to CYBER MONDAY (28th November-1st December) the Bead Art Originals are having an Open House!!!!  Members are offering specials during this week end - see below list of participants -
(When purchasing  from one of these shops during the Open House weekend, make sure to include the code BAO OPEN HOUSE in the Notes to Seller).

  • Carol Dean (SandFibers): free shipping and a set of Sand Fibers coasters ($12 value) with every order during the Open House.
  • Anna (ARoseByName): free shipping
  • Heather (Humblebeads): free shipping on all orders and a free gift with purchases of $50 or more
  • Carli (Juiceglass): free shipping
  • Lisa (LisaP etersArt): free surprise gift (at least $5 value) with any purchase over $30 (note that this special is being offered through the end of the year)
  • Mak (MAKUstudio): free shipping + 10% off purchases over $50 and 15% off purchases over $100
  • Dee (Malodora): free shipping
  • Swanee (MistyRidgeBeads): free shipping
  • Janice (Naftali): free shipping
  • Melody (SalamanderHouse): free shipping
  • Smadar (SmadarsTreasure): free shipping + 10% off the second item purchased
  • Sarah (thebeadedlily): free shipping
  • Darcy (thejadedog): free shipping
  • MaryLou (time2cre8): free shipping on entire order with the purchase of anything with the "bao team" tag
  • Lisa (tqbdesigns): free shipping
  • Triz (triz): free shipping

See a sample of the gorgeous pieces from these amazingly talented artists below - click on the pictures to be taken to their shops:



Visit my shop and receive FREE SHIPPING with every purchase to anywhere in the world!!!!  Leave me a comment in the notes to seller that you saw the promotion here and receive an additional 10% off your purchase . - 10% will be refunded via PayPal once payment is received - promotion ends 1st December
(This promotions applies to my shop only, if you are interested in any of the items from the other BAO members, please check the individual shops to see what promotions they are offering )

Happy shopping everyone! :-)

Thursday 27 November 2008

Bead Art Originals Holiday Give Away!!!! check them out!!!!

bao holiday give away


Go and visit the BAO blog and leave a comment to enter into the BAO's Holiday Give Away!!!!   There are 12 days! 12 chances to win a beautiful handmade piece created by one of the very talented Bead Art Originals members!!!!

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Bead Art Originals - Items of the Week

bao item of the week

A day late... sorry....  I was teaching yesterday and my son had some form of 24 hour flu/stomach bug... who knows, all I know is that he looks and seems much better today, thank G-d!!! so apologies for the delay... but... life sometimes happens :-)

Here is my item of the week - Crowned Cuff









Go to and see what other special are being offered this week!!!

Sunday 23 November 2008

Frozen Waters Cuff

Frozen Waters Cuff 01 copy Here is my new bead-embroidered cuff!!! It took me a really long time (over 22 hours) but I really enjoyed making it and I love how it turned out!!! :-)

Frozen Waters Cuff 03 copy








This cuff was created with the EtsyBeadWeavers' Snow Queen Challenge in mind, especially in terms of colour palette, but in terms of technique, I used the technique I learnt from making Sherry Serafini's collar and this has  definitely been a huge influence in this piece.   (see previous post)

Frozen Waters is probably going to be my entry for the EtsyBeadWeavers' December challenge "Snow Queen".  I say probably because I'm half-way through making a matching bead-embroidered collar and if I actually finish it in time, I think I may enter that one... don't know... don't know if I'll have the choice :-) also a pair or earrings are in the plan! :-) I don't know what happened, but I really like this colour combination and have been very inspired to make more with it!!! :-) come back soon! :-)

Wednesday 19 November 2008

so much going on....

I've been running around like a headless chicken these last few weeks... crazy busy with  work....  crazy busy with beading.... crazy busy with some bead-embroidery workshops that I'm giving this month.... and crazy busy with life!!!



So lots has happened since I last posted.... 1st of all "Let my People Go" won first place in this month's   EtsyBeadWeavers Challenge!!!!! yeahhhhh!!!!!! I've been so all over the place that I haven't even had the chance to absorb this... but yeahhhhhh!!!!! Really, really... my heartfelt thank you to any and all of you who voted for my entry!!! I really appreciate it!!!


on to the next challenge.... Snow Queen is the December challenge... chosen by Smadar and I, as we were the joint winners of the October EBW Challenge :-)


DSCN5468 Here is a preview of my piece for the next challenge and as soon as I have a spare few hours to finish it I will post it! I really love how it's turning out!  :-)

The theme Snow Queen wasn't too hard to think of, but now I have the honour of choosing the next one... hmmmm..... haven't got a clue!!!  any suggestions?..... what theme would you like to challenge the EtsyBeadWeavers with?... if you feel like sharing any ideas, I'm all ears! :-)

and last, but not least..... BAO Item of the Week - I'm sorry it's a bit late, but as I mentioned above, I've been a busy busy bee :-)


bao item of the week

Another wonderful selection from the BAO!!! Go check them out! See what special offers are attached to these gorgeous pieces:

My item this week is Flaming Wall Flower Bracelet - purchase and pay for this item between now and the 23rd November and receive 10% off + FREE shipping!!!!









I'm sure I've forgotten a few more things, but that is all the time I have for now.... come back soon and check out my entry for December's EBW Snow Queen Challenge :-)

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Blazing Flowers Earrings

I've been meaning to make these earrings to match the Blazing Flower Necklace since the necklace was finished.... but you know how it is.... there is always something else to do and so I just never got around to doing it... until, the other day I was asked to do so... and here they are! ;-)

Blazing Flowers Earrings

Blazing Flowers Necklace


This necklace came in 2nd place in the EtsyBeadWeavers April's Fire and Flowers Challenge :-)

And again a reminder.... EtsyBeadWeavers' November's Challenge is taking place right now!!! go and vote for your favourite piece!!!! :-)

ok 6.37 am, got to go and wake up my son and nurse this horrible headache I've had since yesterday.... I think I have a bit of a head cold! ;-p

and why is it he wakes up at 5 am on Saturdays but during the week I've got to wake him up????  one of those mysteries of life I suppose, but I will get my revenge when he becomes a teenager and wants to sleep in on the weekend... I'll make sure I make a huge amount of noise after he's been partying all night!!! :-D

Monday 10 November 2008

BAO Item of the Week

bao item of the week

Here are this week's Bead Art Originals' Items of the week.... what can I say... S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!!! I would say that I had a favourite, but the truth is I don't.... I would love to have ANY of these items (hint, hint to any member of my family who may be reading this blog and wondering what to get me for Chanukah!!! :-D). 
All these gorgeous items have specials attached to them, go and visit to find out what they are.

My item of the week is:
Chocolate Blossom Earrings

Purchase and pay for these earrings between now and 16th November and get 5% off + FREE shipping to anywhere!!! :-)

Also, please don't forget.... voting is currently taking place at the EtsyBeadWeavers' blog, please visit and vote for your favourite!!!!

Happy beading!!!! :-D

Sunday 9 November 2008

EtsyBeadWeavers November Challenge - Ancestral Expressions

ebwc ancestral expressions

Voting has started at the EtsyBeadWeavers' blog!!!!  This month's theme is "Ancestral Expressions".  Look at the amazing diverse entries for this month!!!! All so different... all so beautiful!

My entry this month is # 13 (I hope lucky 13!!!) - Let My People Go

I blogged about this piece and the inspiration behind it here.

Go check these beauties out and vote for your favourite!!!!!  Don't put it off, voting ends on 15th November!!!!

Copper and Turquoise - Treasury

Just managed to grab a treasury in between doing everything else... must be something in the water giving me all this energy! :-D

treasury 54




Check out these beauties in my favourite colour combination!!!

This treasury expires Tuesday 11th November - go check it out!!! :-)

Saturday 8 November 2008

Crowned Cuff

What a perfect weekend!!!!! well sadly it's over, as tomorrow, Sunday, is a normal working day here.... but I managed to stay in my pyjamas all day and I did my favourite thing!!!! I beaded!!!! My son was relatively compliant, and left me alone most of the day while he entertained himself... he has plenty to entertain himself with! :-) especially after I built him a huge Thomas the Tank railway track circuit, which is staying on my living room floor for a couple of days, or till I need to sweep the floor :-)

I did something that I don't usually do, and that is, I simultaneously worked on 3 pieces at once; a cabochon-maybe-pendant, a beadwoven choker and this cute little cuff, which is the only one that is finished so far, although the others aren't that far off from being finished.

Crowned Cuff

I think my fear of not being able to bead all week put me on overdrive with my beadwork :-) Alas, tomorrow I will have to do some more work (real job).... and I have 2 orders to make up, the Funky Lifesaver that I posted about in my previous post and a pair of earrings to match the Blazing Flowers that I sold a few weeks ago. So, busy, busy, busy!!! and I LOVE it!!!! as long as I'm busy with beading, I'm really, really happy!!! :-) Oh yes... I almost forgot.... am also teaching 2 bead-embroidered cuff workshops in the next couple of weeks, so need to prepare for the class!!! as I said, as long as it's beading, I'm happy! :-D

Happy beading everyone and don't forget to come back soon and check out the other 2 pieces!!! :-)

Friday 7 November 2008

Yeahhhh!!!!!!! :-) Made it to Etsy's Front Page

fp saraaires

As the title says..... Yeahhhhh!!!! made it to the Front Page  of Etsy!!!!!

Funky Lifesaver

This is probably one of my first and favourite bangles that I ever made.... long before I thought of selling my beadwork!!! I LOVE it and in fact I've got one and I wear it almost every day!!!   I make these to order according to requested size. 

LAVA BAG Freeform Crochet Big Hoop Bag by SaraAires



Thank you SaraAires from Portugal for creating this great treasury and for including and getting my bangle on the Front Page!!! :-)  Go check out her shop for some gorgeous colourful crochet pieces!!!






 Mirrored Images Cuff by GrandmaMarilyns



Thank you to GrandmaMarilyns for not only letting me know that my Funky Lifesaver was on the Front Page but also for providing me with a screen shot of it so I could boast about it!!! :-)


Tuesday 4 November 2008

Picture Framed - Pendant

I had such a horrible start to the morning!!! Every morning my son and I walk our gorgeous 12 year old dog Kaya on the way to his kindergarten.... and this morning was no different... except we were attacked by two crazed dogs who slipped out of their garden and attacked my poor Kaya!!! I felt so helpless... one dog was biting her neck the other her backside... and all I could do was block my son by sandwiching him in between me and the wall... and poor Kaya was looking at me with such helpless eyes... I feel so guilty I couldn't do more for her... but obviously I needed to protect my 4-year-old.... thankfully, and I'm not sure how, she had no cuts... Thank G-d she has thick hair, it obviously protected her... my son and I were a bit shell shocked... but we were all ok.... Problem is I have to go past this house everyday 4 times per day, as it's on the same road as the kindergarten, and it's not the first time they escaped and attacked!!! I called the authorities... I later received a phone call from the city vet, saying that they went to the house, spoke to the owners, who promised that it wouldn't happen again... yeah... same owners who didn't even bother to apologise while they were kicking their own dogs to try and get them to release their grip from Kaya's neck.... not an apology, not a... are you ok? is your son ok?... nothing!!!! I really hope they take better care not to allow their dogs out unleashed and un-muzzled!!! but I know they won't...

Anyway... so I got home really shaken up... needed something to chill me out big time... so I started to bead... and bead, and bead :-) seems that beading has become my sanity... and here is what came out! Picture Framed Pendant

I love the Picture Jasper stone.... it reminds me of these oil paintings my parents used to have around the house when I was a little girl :-)

This was so much fun to make!!! I love beadembroidery!!!! :-)

The picture isn't the best... but it was a bit cloudy and windy, so I had to take the photos really quickly because the wind kept on blowing my setup all over the place...

Now I really must do some 'real' work!!! :-)

Happy beading!!!!

Monday 3 November 2008

Let My People Go - Egyptian-style Collar

I know I say this a lot... after I finish many of my pieces... but this time I really mean it!!! finally!!! I didn't think I would ever, EVER finish this piece!!!! Between having to redo parts of it and making and undoing and remaking at least 5 or 6 different fringes... finally :-) I settled (decision-wise) with a short fringe going all the way round to keep in line with the curve of the beadwoven collar and.... I LOVE it!!! Not too sure how quickly I would make another one of these.... but I do love how it came out... finally!!! :-)

This is my entry for the EtsyBeadWeavers' November Challenge 'Ancestral Expressions' - Let My People Go

The inspiration behind “Let My People Go” came from the story of Pesach (Passover). Pesach commemorates the departure of the nation of Israel from Egypt. It marks the birth of the Jewish people as a nation led by Moses over 3000 years ago. It is a as much a celebration of our spiritual freedom as it is the physical liberation from slavery.

I was born on the 7th day of Passover, because of this my parents gave me the middle name Miriam (sister of Moses). I’ve always felt a strong connection to the history of this festival. The Jewish people spent over 200 years in Egypt and this piece is inspired by the jewellery and colours of those times.

Please visit the EtsyBeadWeavers' blog and vote for your favourite from a selection of gorgeous beadwork! Voting starts 9th November!!!

Bead Art Originals - Items of the Week

bao item of the week

Less than 2 months till Christmas and Hanukah, which this year coincides with the Xmas holidays...  Get your presents early and go and check out what special promotions the very talented BAO  is offering every week and get those special gifts early with added bonuses or discounts!!!

My item of the week is Pink Flower

Purchase and pay for Pink Flower between now and 9th November and receive 5 % off + FREE registered shipping to anywhere!!!

This is one of my favourite pieces!!! I posted this piece while I was working on it showing its progress. Click on the links below to see those posts:

Pink Flower - Neckpiece - Part 1
Pink Flower - Neckpiece - Part 2 - Finished

Saturday 1 November 2008

Through Lilac Tinted Lenses... - Treasury

treasury 53



This will be my last treasury for a while... I've got a really full week of 'real' work to do coming up... I'm not even sure if I'll have any time for beading!!!  and I haven't finished my EBW Challenge piece yet!!!! not for lack of hours working on it.... I wasted all today, tearing up and re-weaving fringes on the collar I'm working on... and after about 10 hours of that useless exercise, I decided that I like the collar better without any fringes!!!! Two whole days wasted!!! arghhhh!!!! :-)  anyway, I will definitely post the finished piece, but as to when that will be I have no idea! :-) stay posted! :-) In the meantime here is my new treasury, active until Tuesday 4th November: