Monday 24 March 2008

Pink Flower (in the making)

I can't believe how long it has been since I last wrote!!!! shocking!!!
I won't bore you with all the details as to why I just couldn't... as far as I'm concerned you can blame it all on the builder of my flat (Ariel Soltzi Ltd.) who did not hold up his end of our legal contract and even when ordered to pay me by the courts... hasn't!!! so I live in a flat that has had more leaks than years, a lot more leaks!!! and he carries on building as though nothing happened and he has no legal nor moral responsibility!!!! As I don't want to be sued (ha ha ha) I will refrain myself from calling him every single name under the sun!!!! :-) please use your imagination :-)

So another leak fixed (and no thanks to the builder!) and finally I've been able to both post my progress and actually progress with it!!! it is almost finished, but in the mean time, as promised, here is the piece in progress...

Well it all started out with me finally getting round to clearing up my beading desk... I won't show you how bad it was before... but as you can see it's not even perfectly clean after :-) I'm just running out of space where to put all my beads and beading!!! :-) and as you'll see below... it didn't last long!!!! I want an additional table/room :-)

So basically I start off with pulling out all the beads I own that go with the mood I'm in at that moment.... and my mood lately has been pink! :-) I'm so not a girly-pink type of person... but lately pink is what inspires me....

and I do have to point out that the weather here has been soooo hot!!! yesterday was 37 degrees Centigrade in the shade!!!!! and all around are flowers in bloom... so maybe that's why I've gone a bit soft :-)

I bought these gorgeous vintage opaque pink glass teardrops from a fellow EtsyBeadweaver, JadeDogBeads and I had to use them!!! after all they are pink!!! :-)
so I started playing around with a geometrical design onto beadbacking... and started working around the teardrops, slowly building up the design till I got to this...

I used a flat Mother-of-Pearl bead for the centre and beaded around it and the teardrops with matte pink and matte burnt ivory type of colour... hard to explain but like a very rich cream mixed with toffee... Czech seed beads
so the centrepiece for the necklace is finished... sort of... cut excess beadbacking... glue to suede, cut around suede and sew the backing to the suede using brick stitch with the contrasting small beads...
and as I hate wasting material I decided to make a couple of elements from the left over bead backing... also to give the necklace a different element... not just because I hate waste :-)
Now all there is left to do is put the elements together :-)
Come back in the next few days to see how it all turned out... actually... could do with your help... leave me a comment letting me know whether you think I should fringe the flower or not.... I'm still completely undecided... would love to hear your opinions :-)


  1. I'm not a big fan of pink, but I like your design. Looking forward to seeing the final piece.

  2. I say no fringe..It looks like it's going to turn into another stunning design of yours! and I like the freshness of the pink color :)

  3. I say no fringe also, I think it might take away from the beautiful pink flower. But, what ever you decide I'm sure it will look beautiful. Everything you do is beautiful!!

  4. hmmm I would think something to reflect the tear shape versus fringe.....maybe a few medium sized tear drop shapes hanging down from it?

  5. I think your new necklace will be another stunning piece... I'm not able to suggest you fringe or no fringe because I can't imagine the elements together... everything you will decide I think will be the best!
    P.S.: questa collana non potrĂ  non piacere anche a tua sorella!!!

  6. Beautiful design and colours! I like your beadworks!

  7. Wow, I like your pink flower. It's so beautiful.

    And you are very organised. I never draw it down on stiff-stuff before i start. Kind of like do with the flow ......