Tuesday 25 January 2011

Lilac & Purple Meadow – NOT a Leather Cuff! :-)

Here is my newest piece!!! and it’s not a leather cuff!!! :-)

This is the first time I attempted to make a barrette and I owe it to Nicole Campanella of Beadwright.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember last April, Nicole sent me one of her Brooch Kits… it was my very first kit and brooch… making the brooch taught me the skills needed to make the barrette, so thank you (again) Nicole!!! and here it is:

Lilac & Purple Meadow - OOAK Large Barrette

Purple Meadow Barette - OOAK 03 copyPurple Meadow Barette - OOAK 01 copy

I’m actually relieved to finally make (and post) something other than a leather cuff!!! :-)

And whilst trying to stay away from my leather cuff addiction, today I started a bead-embroidered purse, which will hopefully be my next tutorial… actually I also have a bag I started a few weeks ago, that I’ve put aside for now… so hopefully I will be able to post one of them in the upcoming weeks.

The leather cuffs are not forgotten of course, I actually have to make two for my upcoming workshop, which I’ll be teaching at Bogal (Gloria’s place) in Ranana, sometimes soon… so if you are interested in the workshop (and live or are visiting Israel in February), get in touch with either Gloria or myself for more details.

Happy beading! :-)

Monday 24 January 2011

Brown & Turquoise Leather Cuff Tutorial

Ok… ok… I said I would TRY and stay away from these cuffs… well I just can’t!!! I simply enjoy making them!!! and as many people have asked me for instructions, I finally got myself into gear and published my first tutorial.

Brown & turquoise Cuff Tutorial copy

This tutorial is the basis for all my leather bead-embroidered cuffs.. so if you are interested in trying your hand at making one, here is the link where you can get one: Tutorial

And if you are interested in the ready made version of it, click on the picture below:

Brown & Turquoise Leather Cuff 02 copy

Happy beading everyone!!! :-)

Sunday 23 January 2011

Valerie Belkind’s Photography

A few weeks ago I was approached by Valerie Belkind, a photographer, who asked me if I was interested in having my jewellery professionally photographed… after checking out her website, there was no doubt I was interested!!!! I really like her composition and style and Friday morning, she came over and chose some of my pieces…. and Saturday night they were already posted on Facebook… She works really fast!!!

Delight is the only way I can describe my reaction once I saw the results!!!

Here are some of her stunning photos featuring my beadwork.

a hazy shade of winter ooak bag Fly me to the moon

Volcanic Rock

Stepping Stones


 cuffs copy

I absolutely LOVE them!!! How lucky am I that she contacted me!!!!

Visit her website to see more of her fantastic photography: http://www.valeriebelkind.com/

Monday 17 January 2011

Leather Cuff Making Frenzy! Part 2

So the madness continues…. I just cannot stop making these cuffs!!! I really love making them and I really love how they turn out!!! 

I even started on a new bead-embroidered bag, when one quarter of the way through, I found myself back on the leather cuffs… and the next thing I know four more were made!!!

Here are those four + the previous ones that I didn’t get a chance to post yet (cos I was busy making leather cuffs :-D).

As there are so many, I’m just going to post the photos, if you are interested in finding out more about them, please click on the photos for detailed information.

Peach Bouquet - Cuff 02 copy Trillium - Orange Leather Cuff 01 copy

 Rock My World - Black Leather Cuff 01 copy Moroccan Spice - Brown Leather Cuff 03 copy

Black and Bonze Flowers - Ivory Leather Cuff 01 copy Orange & Red  Flowers - Black Leather Cuff 03 copy

Naftali turquoise & brown - Leather Cuff 01 copy Brown, Gunmetal & tan stripe - Tan Leather Cuff 05 copy

 Bronze & Turquoise Flower - Brown Leather Cuff 03 copy

Top two, 2nd row right, 3rd row: cabs by Golem Design Studio

2nd row left: heart cab by MAKUstudio

4th row: striped cab by Naftali

I hope I haven’t overdosed you on leather cuffs!!! I promise I will do my upmost to stay away from them for a while…. or at least till I finish making the bag!!! :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!!! :-)

Friday 7 January 2011

Making Jewellery

I’m so excited!!! yesterday I received my copy of Making Jewellery and inside on page 24 is… yours truly!!! :-) so weird and wonderful to see a picture of my jewellery and of me in print on a 2 page spread!!!!

jewellery making spread copy

I wasn’t familiar with Making Jewellery magazine prior to them contacting me… but I have to say… what a great magazine!!!! I’m so impressed with it!!!


Loads of project (33 of them!) in all different levels (not beadweaving) in a variety of different jewellery making techniques… Fashion trends, product reviews, and so much more!!!

I already phoned my best friend in London and told him to go to the newsagent and get me 2 more copies! :-) one for my dad, and one to keep, as the copy I received I’m sure will be looked through a lot!!!

If you are into different jewellery making techniques, I would absolutely recommend this magazine!!!!

Check out their website for tips and projects: http://makingjewellery.com/

And… by the way, a shop in London just picked up 14 of my pieces of jewellery, including the Emerald Queen Necklace (seen on the left page) and the Water Lilly Necklace (Middle top, right page)… It’s been an excellent week!!! :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!!!