Friday, 28 March 2008

Spring Bride Set

I finally finished the choker to match one of the bracelets in yesterday's post Bracelet Mania... and I have to say that it looks really simple but it actually took me quite a long time to weave it, especially as I went back through it more than once to give it some structure and obviously so the whole thing won't fall apart ;-)

Here is the choker Spring Bride Necklace

and I must thank Carol Dean of Sand Fibers as I took the adjustable closure from one of her wonderful pieces Brilliant Bronze Choker with Pearls. Go check it out! Thank you Carol Dean!:-)

Here is the set... am thinking of earrings too... but am not sure how to incorporate the cubes... and I really want to! :-)

I think the obsession for this week is white Japanese cubes and coloured pearls.... what can I say... spring is here... flowers in bloom... birds are chirping.... the weather is beautifull... and I'm sick of winter colours! :-)

Spring Bride Necklace

Spring Bride Bracelet


  1. Triz this set is just beautiful - I love it. CD's closure is really great - it works so good with this choker. Great job.

  2. Thank you Lone Beader and Jean! :-)
    Yes, CD's closure is just perfect for this piece... I'm so glad she didn't mind me using it ;-)

  3. Beautiful set (and not just for the bride) :)


  4. Thank you Smadar :-) and I agree, I made one for me too, and I ain't no bride :-) I can't wait to wear it in the summer :-)

  5. Great blog. Lovely jewelry. You really know how to photograph your jewelry to show it off.

  6. Gorgeous pieces, these are beautiful!!