Sunday, 16 March 2008

EBWC Stormy Weather Results!!!!

Another challenge is over... and the winner is.......

Praying for Rain by Erin of The Precious Beads

What an amazing piece!!! I just love it!!!! Love the clouds, love the lightning, love the chain... love it all!!! Congratulations Erin!!! well deserved!!!

2nd place....

yours truly!!! :-)

Eye of the Storm came in SECOND!!!!!

so a BIG thank you to all of you who voted for me!!! :-) I think this challenge had the highest turn out of voters ever!!! so that's amazing!!!

3rd place....
one of my personal favourite entries and one of my personal favourite beadweavers!!! Lightning Storm Bracelet by Staci of Pink Pooch Designs If you are not yet familiar with Staci's beautiful photo bracelets... then go and check them out!!! I'm dying to get one... I just cannot decide which one I like best!!!! :-)

To see the rest of the results and to see all the wonderful 32 entries, please go to the EtsyBeadweavers' Blog
Again thank you to all of you who voted!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
now onto the next challenge... Fire & Flowers


  1. Aw, thanks Triz! I've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your necklace ropes for some time now. I have a ton of patience--most of us beadweavers do!--but when I finish a pendant, I want the necklace to be done as soon as possible. There's no way I could spend the extra hours making a glorious rope like that!


  2. Congratulations Triz... you know I love so much all your works!


  3. Congratulations Triz!!!

    Thank You for your really kind words, I love your work, you also one of my favorite beadweavers!!!

  4. I love your work
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