Monday 29 September 2008

BAO Items of the week and a Happy New Year!!!!

Bead Art Originals Items of the Week (9/29 - 10/5)

Here is my item of the week: Pretty in Pink Crochet Choker - purchase this item from now till October 5th and receive 10 % off + free shipping!!!

Pretty in Pink Crochet Choker - BAO Item of the Week

To see what specials are being offered this week by the talented members of BAO please visit the BAO blog by clicking on the link below:

I also wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone (who celebrates it) a very happy, healthy and peaceful Jewish New Year - Shanah Tovah Ve Metukah!!!!!! :-)

To my EntreCard droppers, please accept my apologies, but I will not be dropping for the next 2 days and hope to catch up on all my drops in the days following the Holiday - May it be a great year!!!! :-D

Saturday 27 September 2008

Red Wine? Treasury

treasury 43

Here is my treasury for the week.... I say for the week, because although I had this treasury ready for at least 5 days, it's taken me all of that time to actually grab one!!! what a nightmare!!! I had both treasuries lists open all the time, and either they would open when I was fast asleep (3am) or I would get one and as soon as I would start typing the title, it disappeared!!!! enough to drive an old gal to drinking!!!! :-)

Here is my Red Wine? treasury featuring some gorgeous beads and beadwork - go check it out, click on the items, leave your comments - - it will expire on Tuesday 30th September, so don't put it off! :-)

Wishing everyone happy beading and a wonderful weekend!!!

Friday 26 September 2008

Breast Cancer Project - Part 2 + my love for Sherry Serafini's work :-)

Here is my second square for the Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer fundraiser organized by Jeanette Shanigan (you can read more about it and see my first square in my previous post Breast Cancer Project - part 1 ) Again I was thinking of all the things I love so I started thinking of the sea, water, lakes with grass all round.... I've always felt the most comfortable in life when I've been in water, I love it, LOVE swimming, can spend my life swimming, although I rarely get to swim nowadays, I'm usually watching my 4 year old who can't :-)  so that's how  my second square came about.  








This square was actually finished about a week ago, but have been busy with both my "real" job and I've been working on a Sherry Serafini necklace.... I actually bought the pattern of one of her pieces - A Mermaid's Attire from Bead Pattern Central, collected more or less all the necessary beads I needed for it - although I couldn't find some and had to substitute with the closer thing I could find or I was happy with -  and started beading!!!! and I can't tell you what a joy and how much I've learnt from following this pattern!!!!  I would really like to fly to the US and attend one of her classes... but as that is simply not feasible at the moment :-) this was the closest best thing for me :-)  I LOVE Sherry Serafini's work.... I mean I actually drool over  her work!!!! whenever I'm stuck or am lacking inspiration, the first thing I do is get all my books that have her work in and I go to her web site - her amazing work just does it for me!!!! I'm crazy about it, and I drive all my friends a bit crazy too talking about her, especially as most of them have absolutely no interest in beadwork!!! :-) anyway... :-D this is what I've been doing all week with all my waking free moments.... I keep having these aha moments while I'm beading... this necklace is just beautiful, and how she's designed all the different elements to fit, is amazing.  I've never followed instructions before to make someone else's creation, it's not something that interests me.... I like looking at the instructions to work out how it's done, but to actually execute the whole thing, to me, seems pointless.... as I miss out the excitement of creating something unique and mine! that to me is the challenge, not whether I can follow the instructions, which by the way I can't, as I have no patience.... even with this piece, which I'm madly in love with, I've had to make some changes, some out of me trying to correct mistakes I'd made without having to destroy hours of work, and some because I couldn't find the exact beads I needed so I had to substitute quite a few - and I'm a bit sorry about that, because I would have loved to have made the necklace as it is intended to be, but.... :-)
I am so glad I bought this and that I'm actually doing it, and not just reading the instructions - it's an amazing learning experience for me, thorough enjoying it!!! :-)

I'm not sure when I will have the whole thing finished - so far I'm about 1/3 of the way, but the next bit is using a technique I have not used before and therefore have no idea how long it will take me to do it.... but as soon as I finished it, I'm definitely posting a picture!!! so come back soon :-D

Monday 22 September 2008

Bead Art Originals - Items of the week

bao item of the week

Here are this week's Bead Art Originals items of the week please visit the below link to see what special offers have been offered on these items:

My BAO item of the week is the Merry Widow Bracelet


Purchase and pay for this item between now and 28th September and receive 10% off + free shipping for this item.

Saturday 20 September 2008

Breast Cancer Project - Part 1

For the last couple of years, Jeanette Shanigan has been collecting donated beaded squares and sewing them into beaded quilts to be auctioned off at the Bead&Button Show.  Each year they have a theme - 2007 was butterflies, 2008 was roses.  (Click the links to look at the amazing quilts!)  They raised $4,400 last year auctioning off the rose quilts.  Here's a link to an article posted on the Bead&Button Show web site about all of the money raised through the Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer fundraiser.

Susan of Clinckscales Arts brought this wonderful project to the attention of the EtsyBeadWeavers members to participate in Jeanette Shanigan's "Bead It Forward" - Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer.  The theme for 2009 is hearts.   The squares are only 1.5"x1.5" (3.8cmx3.8cm) and can be any form of beading (must be attached to a backing material) - embroidery, peyote, brick, raw, etc.  The quilts are called 'bead it forward' because you are supposed to make four squares - one to be sent to Jeanette Shanigan to be included in a quilt and three to send to beady friends with a copy of the rules to inspire them to make a square too.  The deadline is March 15, 2009, and once Jeanette receives all the squares she sews them together into quilts.

Here's a link to the pdf file that you must include with your squares. 

I woke up this morning (too bloody early - 4.30 am!!!!) and as I could not sleep I thought I would get a start on beading these squares.  My son woke up a couple of hours later complaining of pains in his foot, and the poor thing couldn't walk at all - well, he was limping really badly - he went to our neighbours yesterday who have a full sized trampoline.... and I think he may have done something to his ankle.... so as doing anything with him today was out of the question, I gave him some colouring paper and I continued to make my square!

As mentioned above, the theme is "hearts", so I started thinking of all the things I love, and of course the first thing that came to mind is my son!!! and for some reason I started thinking of my pregnancy and all the different feelings I had while I was going through it, which explains this explosion of colours,  I guess!!! :-) Please note, I have included some yellow - ok maybe only a token, but if you read yesterday's post you will understand what an amazing achievement that is for me!!! :-)



DSCN5117Here is my first square and how it developed (I've already started on the second, but you will have to wait till the next time to see it).



DSCN5119I have to tell you.... this was really, really difficult for me to do!!! I find it extremely hard to work on such a tiny scale (1.5" x 1.5") but even more difficult than the size itself, was having to keep to the exact boundaries.  This is definitely the smallest piece of bead embroidery I have made up to date... and I have 3 more to do!!! :-)

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful project please go to for more information - it's for a GREAT cause!!!!

Friday 19 September 2008

Yellow Mellow Treasury

I've been watching the treasuries since yesterday... and was unable to stay up till 2 am waiting for them to open up last night... but managed to get one this afternoon!!! :-)

I love yellow, but for some reason can't seem to use it as a colour in my own work.... the closest I've come to it is when I made my Midsummer Nights Dream necklace and used yellow freshwater pearls and light yellow Swarovski  crystals... but that is as far as I have been able to include this gorgeous happy colour in anything I made :-) a small step, but a huge effort!!! I don't know the why and how, but it is what it is! :-) a phobia???? :-) I hope not, wouldn't like to be scared of any colour!!! :-)

so as I'm yellow-deficient I thought I would create a yellow treasury, in the hope that I can finally use some of my gorgeous yellow beads I've been stocking up in the hope that if I owned them, saw them on a regular basis, they would eventually speak to me and I would be able to use them!!! :-) otherwise, anyone interested in some yellow beads? ;-)




treasury 42This treasury expires on Monday 22nd September - go check it out, leave a comment ;-)

Happy beading and wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!!!

Monday 15 September 2008

Black Panther Bracelet and BAO Item of the Week

 Black panther arm 01 copyBlack panther arm 02 copy












Here it is... as promised ;-) my Black Panther Bracelet!!!! It took me a while to decide how I would make the straps for this bead-embroidered Labradorite cabochon - I knew I wanted something relatively stiff and simple, but at the same time I also wanted the joints, that would be attached to the centrepiece, to be flexible.  Up until now the only bead-embroidered bracelets I made where the cuffs which have a bronze hard base to them.... and then it came to me... why not make the straps by bead-embroidering them without the metal base!!!  sometimes I am a genius - although why I haven't tried doing this before is beyond my comprehension !!!! :-) I'm so pleased with the results that I may start making some more of this type of bracelet (without the hard base).... I definitely want to make one for myself!!!! I've really fallen in love with this stone!!!!! I have one small round cabochon left, that I haven't bead-embroidered yet....  It could be just the right thing for my bracelet... we'll see... maybe a pendant? I'll start it off and see where it leads me to.... come back and find out! :-)


bao item of the week

BAO Items of the week - go check them out, see what specials are being offered this week on these gorgeous creations!!!!!

My item for this week is Brick and Pearl Bracelet - I'm offering 10% off and free shipping if you buy and pay for this item between now and the 21st September!!!!


Sunday 14 September 2008

Autumn at the beach - Treasury

treasury 41

I love this time of year, the light is changing, the temperatures are dropping to bearable (today was about 30 degrees Centigrade), the humidity is finally dropping to a level whereas you don't think of needing to take a shower every 30 minutes! :-) ...and my all-time favourite part of the day is those last few hours before and until sunset, where it's still warm, but you can feel the end of the day approaching and you are soaking in those last few rays... and you know that winter is only a few months away, so those moments are treasured even more.... and the colours that I see and feel are the inspiration for the treasury I just managed to grab!!! :-)

Go check it out!!! :-)

This treasury expires Wednesday 17th September:

Friday 12 September 2008

Black Panther Earrings

I woke up this morning with a great desire to make the earrings that complement the Black Panther Necklace I posted about a few days ago...

These Black Panther Earrings were so much fun to make, my first pair of beadembroidered earrings!!! I think I did alright! :-D I'm really pleased with the result.  Usually I don't like making two of the same of anything but with beadembroidery I don't seem to mind... I'm going to try and make some more beadembroidered earrings.... on my to do list, with all the other stuff that's on it! :-)

I still have one beadembroidered Labradorite cabochon which I was thinking of using to make a bracelet .... but I'm yet to decide how to tackle the wristband part.... the wheels are still churning.... however slowly :-) I hope by next week I'll have something whipped up!!! :-) if not it may become a pendant! :-) come back and check it out! :-) 

Thursday 11 September 2008

An award!!!! :-)

I've received an award!!!!! :-)  I was nominated by Carol Dean of SandFibers - Thank you Carol Dean for all your wonderful support and encouragement and for creating my favourite pendant that has become almost permanently attached to my neck! :-)  and of course for nominating me for this award! :-)








I can only say that this picture does not convey the beauty and delicacy of this piece - I have never received so many compliments wearing a piece of jewellery as I have with this piece!!!  I plan to own a whole collection of them in the near future, to match all my outfits!!! :-) here are some of my favourites: (please click on the pictures to be taken directly to these wonderful pendants' listings to read more about them)



Ok... now back to the award :-)

Here are the rules:

1. Add the logo of the "award" to your blog;

2. Add a link to the blog of the person who "awarded" it to you to your blog list;

3. "Nominate" at least seven other blogs;

4. Add links to those blogs on your blog;

5. Leave a message for each of the "nominees" on his or her blog.

Here are my nominations:

Amy of Amy Lilley Designs for her wonderful drawing, photos and blog
Alessandra of Ixela for her warm friendship, her whimsical designs and her blog featuring other artists as well as her work
Staci of Pink Pooch Designs for her wonderful photo bracelets and her equally wonderful friendship
Smadar of Smadar's Treasures for her wonderful blog, her stunning beadwork and her gorgeous blog
Waterrose Designs for her beautiful embroidered cuffs and rings and her wonderful blog
Nicole of Beadwright for her friendship, support, encouragement and for including my beadwork in her Flatwork book
Jean of Bangles & Beads for her beautiful bead-embroidery, her  wonderful art and her support and comments
To all the EBW and BAO members for their friendships, support, encouragement, but most of all for their wonderful talents!!!

Tuesday 9 September 2008

a surprise treasury + EBW challenge voting

treasury 40I was checking the Etsy treasuries and shockingly I got one - funny because I usually spend hours waiting for one and this time I really hadn't planned anything, so I had to improvise! but with so much talent in the Bead Art Originals, it wasn't too difficult to create, the only difficulty was choosing only 12 from such a huge selection of gorgeous pieces!!!

Go and check out this treasury and leave your comments! :-)

This treasury expires on Friday 12th September:







EBW September Challenge MosaicAlso, although I didn't enter this month's EBW Challenge, due to time constraints, voting has started, so go check it out and vote for your favourite piece form a selection of amazing bead-woven pieces!!!!


Monday 8 September 2008

Bead Art Originals - Item of the week - Sept 8-14


My Item of the Week for this week is:  Black and Pearl Blossom Earrings - purchase these earrings between 8th-14th September and receive 10% off + free shipping to anywhere in the world!!!!
Visit my shop for more details:









To check out the other specials being offered this week, please visit the Bead Art Originals blog:

Sunday 7 September 2008

Black Panther Necklace

panther 02 

Finally!!!! I thought this piece would never be finished!!!!!!! I started working on this at the beginning of August, and although the actual centre piece was finished about two weeks ago, I couldn't decide what necklace to make for it.... originally it was going to have a band brick stitched in black matte cubes, and after I almost finished bead weaving half of it, I decided that it wasn't quite right... so I started bead embroidering smaller oval pieces around the labradorite cabochon that matched the centrepiece.  I made 8 altogether and after a week of playing around with them, I remembered that I had these gorgeous matt black onyx coin beads, which I bought because I loved them, not because I had any idea what I was going to make with them, so I started playing around with different combinations of the onyx coins and the bead embroidered cabochons until I finally go to a combination I was happy with, and here it is:  Black Panther Necklace

Due to my indecision :-) I ended up with three extra bead embroidered cabochons, therefore expect a pair of earrings in the near future and maybe (still not sure) a bracelet... so come back soon :-)

Saturday 6 September 2008

don't want the summer to end!!!! - treasury

treasury 39

Finally managed to get a treasury!!!  wasn't easy, and at one point, just after I had written the title, it looked like I was going to lose it and I couldn't get back into it.... my heart stopped, I became almost irate - mainly because I've been sitting at the computer for the last 3 hours waiting for it... but I tried one more time and YES!!! managed to get back into it and load these beauties up!!! :-)  now I can go to sleep, hopefully :-)

Well I'm a summer person - I moved to Israel from London because as much as I LOVE London, the weather there just depressed me to no end, and even though it's still unbelievably hot here, there is this underlying feeling that the summer is about to end, and unlike other places where there are four season, Israel seems to only have two - summer and winter.... there's not much warning between seasons, one minute it's bloody hot, the next miserable and cold.... and I just don't want it to end!!! :-)  I looked for items that would remind me of gorgeous hot early summer evenings, just before the sun sets and this is what I found! :-)

This treasury will expire on Tuesday 9th September, so please go check it out:

Monday 1 September 2008

Bead Art Originals - Items of the week 1st-7th Sept

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!! :-) OK so I took an unplanned but oh so much needed couple of weeks off.... My best friend Michael Onona (check out his art work) from London surprised me with a totally unexpected visit.... I haven't seen him in almost a year and a half, so it was a good... no, a GREAT very welcomed visit!!! :-) and he convinced me to take some time off... so I did!!! or at least I tried... I still had to do some things and of course I still had to bead at least a couple of hours a day... but the rest of the time we went to the pool, the beach and just hang out at my place.... we even went out to Reggae night at my local beach bar with my favourite live band and I danced the night away!!!!  (haven't done that in about a year)  and now in retrospect, although I'm very behind with everything, I realise that I really needed to slow down and as they say... smell the roses a bit!!! :-) Michael went back to London on Friday and my son started a new year at a new kindergarten today.... so slowly slowly things are going back to normal :-)

Here are this week's items of the week for the BAO.  Go check them out and see what specials are on offer this week from this wonderful group of artists:

bao item of the week



My item for this week is Black and Pearl Pendant:

Go visit the Bead Art Originals's blog to see what special offer is on this piece! :-)



I'm currently working on a rather large bead embroidered piece - I'm hoping it will be finished by next week - I have been working on it for the most part of August and as I keep changing my mind, it's taking a bit longer than usual :-) but it's so worth it!!!! so come back soon and check it out!!! :-)