Monday 31 March 2008


Ok.... I just haven't found the time to post this... mainly working but also beading... so I decided to stop beading (temporarily of course) and write about the new book by Nicole Campanella of Beadwright that is about to come out and is already flying off... well not off the shelves, as it hasn't even reached there yet!!! ... but the pre-orders are flying in!!!
"Flatwork" is a beading project book with a gallery of flatwork created by artists from all over the world... and yes.... Nicole was kind enough to include some of my pieces in her book!!!! Isn't it amazing?!?! :-D I'm so exited.... I cannot wait for the book to come out!!! it's definitely one for my forever-growing beading library!!! For more details on the book and the author, go to:
Thank you so much Nicole for including my work in your book!!!! :-) I really can't wait to see it and to try out all your wonderful techniques.... this book is G-d sent to me and just at the right time as I'm getting more and more into bead embroidery and am itching to learn so much more!!!!
Go order your copy, before it's too late :-)

Friday 28 March 2008

Spring Bride Set

I finally finished the choker to match one of the bracelets in yesterday's post Bracelet Mania... and I have to say that it looks really simple but it actually took me quite a long time to weave it, especially as I went back through it more than once to give it some structure and obviously so the whole thing won't fall apart ;-)

Here is the choker Spring Bride Necklace

and I must thank Carol Dean of Sand Fibers as I took the adjustable closure from one of her wonderful pieces Brilliant Bronze Choker with Pearls. Go check it out! Thank you Carol Dean!:-)

Here is the set... am thinking of earrings too... but am not sure how to incorporate the cubes... and I really want to! :-)

I think the obsession for this week is white Japanese cubes and coloured pearls.... what can I say... spring is here... flowers in bloom... birds are chirping.... the weather is beautifull... and I'm sick of winter colours! :-)

Spring Bride Necklace

Spring Bride Bracelet

Thursday 27 March 2008

Bracelet Mania

I can't stop beading.... not even long enough to read the latest edition of Beadwork magazine that arrived yesterday :-) and it seems that my obsession for the week is beading bracelets... and white!!! which is even stranger for me than pink.... but I'm loving it!!! I really must be going soft in my old age, I'm becoming girlie :-)

so here are 3 that I made earlier :-)

These 2 below are the basically the same bracelet, the left one (Pearls and Bricks ) differes from the right one (Happy Bride ) in colour and size of seed beads, also the left one has alternating rows of Swarovsky crystals and pearls, the right one only pearls.

This next one (Spring Bride) is so much fun... I made one for myself :-) and I'm also in the process of finishing off a complimentary choker... hopefully I will be able to post it in a few days... I love all three pictures and couldn't decide which one to post, and as I'm so proud of all of them, decided to post all :-)

Come back in a few days to see the choker :-)

Tuesday 25 March 2008

Pink Flower

Here it is... finished at last!!!! :-)

Thank you to all of you who left me comments... I have taken the majority's advise, as I agree with you, and did not add the fringe... I just don't think it needs it... actually I don't think a fringe would add to this piece at all... so here is my Pink Flower... I like it!!! :-) let me know what you think :-)

Monday 24 March 2008

Pink Flower (in the making)

I can't believe how long it has been since I last wrote!!!! shocking!!!
I won't bore you with all the details as to why I just couldn't... as far as I'm concerned you can blame it all on the builder of my flat (Ariel Soltzi Ltd.) who did not hold up his end of our legal contract and even when ordered to pay me by the courts... hasn't!!! so I live in a flat that has had more leaks than years, a lot more leaks!!! and he carries on building as though nothing happened and he has no legal nor moral responsibility!!!! As I don't want to be sued (ha ha ha) I will refrain myself from calling him every single name under the sun!!!! :-) please use your imagination :-)

So another leak fixed (and no thanks to the builder!) and finally I've been able to both post my progress and actually progress with it!!! it is almost finished, but in the mean time, as promised, here is the piece in progress...

Well it all started out with me finally getting round to clearing up my beading desk... I won't show you how bad it was before... but as you can see it's not even perfectly clean after :-) I'm just running out of space where to put all my beads and beading!!! :-) and as you'll see below... it didn't last long!!!! I want an additional table/room :-)

So basically I start off with pulling out all the beads I own that go with the mood I'm in at that moment.... and my mood lately has been pink! :-) I'm so not a girly-pink type of person... but lately pink is what inspires me....

and I do have to point out that the weather here has been soooo hot!!! yesterday was 37 degrees Centigrade in the shade!!!!! and all around are flowers in bloom... so maybe that's why I've gone a bit soft :-)

I bought these gorgeous vintage opaque pink glass teardrops from a fellow EtsyBeadweaver, JadeDogBeads and I had to use them!!! after all they are pink!!! :-)
so I started playing around with a geometrical design onto beadbacking... and started working around the teardrops, slowly building up the design till I got to this...

I used a flat Mother-of-Pearl bead for the centre and beaded around it and the teardrops with matte pink and matte burnt ivory type of colour... hard to explain but like a very rich cream mixed with toffee... Czech seed beads
so the centrepiece for the necklace is finished... sort of... cut excess beadbacking... glue to suede, cut around suede and sew the backing to the suede using brick stitch with the contrasting small beads...
and as I hate wasting material I decided to make a couple of elements from the left over bead backing... also to give the necklace a different element... not just because I hate waste :-)
Now all there is left to do is put the elements together :-)
Come back in the next few days to see how it all turned out... actually... could do with your help... leave me a comment letting me know whether you think I should fringe the flower or not.... I'm still completely undecided... would love to hear your opinions :-)

Sunday 16 March 2008

EBWC Stormy Weather Results!!!!

Another challenge is over... and the winner is.......

Praying for Rain by Erin of The Precious Beads

What an amazing piece!!! I just love it!!!! Love the clouds, love the lightning, love the chain... love it all!!! Congratulations Erin!!! well deserved!!!

2nd place....

yours truly!!! :-)

Eye of the Storm came in SECOND!!!!!

so a BIG thank you to all of you who voted for me!!! :-) I think this challenge had the highest turn out of voters ever!!! so that's amazing!!!

3rd place....
one of my personal favourite entries and one of my personal favourite beadweavers!!! Lightning Storm Bracelet by Staci of Pink Pooch Designs If you are not yet familiar with Staci's beautiful photo bracelets... then go and check them out!!! I'm dying to get one... I just cannot decide which one I like best!!!! :-)

To see the rest of the results and to see all the wonderful 32 entries, please go to the EtsyBeadweavers' Blog
Again thank you to all of you who voted!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
now onto the next challenge... Fire & Flowers

Saturday 15 March 2008

a few more pieces on sale :-)

Now that I've decided to make room for new yet-to-be-created pieces.... it must be that spring-cleaning-fever.... I added some more pieces to my SALE section in my shop, to see details and prices for these and more go to

Most of these pieces are One Of A Kind... here is your chance to own one of my one-off pieces at discounted prices!!! :-)

Friday 14 March 2008

Back to the land of the living :-)

Yeah!!!! I got my new computer!!!! still trying to find my way around it and trying to finish installing all that needs to be installed.... but I have a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I am very happy!!! :-) almost as happy as I was this morning when I found that one of the pieces that I posted about going on sale at 25 % off has sold!!!! yeah :-) always bitter sweet though, because I find it hard to let go of my creations sometimes and this is one of my favourites, but it has found a good new home :-) and I'm very happy...
will be adding more items on sale next week, so if you are interested check out my shop (
and I've been working on a new piece... here is a preview :-) I've taken lots of photos of this piece whilst I was working on it, so will post another photo-journal soonish :-) it's actually almost finished but now that I have an up and running computer I have to catch up with loads of work... but hopefully very soon :-) ish :-)
stay tuned :-)

Thursday 13 March 2008


I have to make room for my new collection... my work space has become crazy!!!
So I've decided to place some of my early 2007 pieces on sale!!! 25% OFF!!!!

Here are some of the items on SALE - some of these pieces are One Of A Kind, so don't miss out on the chance to own one of my original and unique pieces:

You can see more SALE items by visiting my shop:
see under SALE 2007 COLLECTION

Help me make space for my new collection! :-)

Sunday 9 March 2008

What a nightmare

ok... my computer died!!!!!!!!!!!!! i spent 5 hours (and i mean 5 hours, no exaggeration) on the phone with microsoft today trying to fix my computer... they managed to get it to work at a minimum... i have limited access to the web and can only receive e-mails but cannot reply!!! so anyone expecting e-mails from me... i'm really sorry, but hopefully i will be fully active by next week... in the mean time i wish everyone a great week!!! Happy beading! :-)

Friday 7 March 2008

Stormy Weather - EBW Challenge

Well... as the weather here in Israel just gets more beautiful and hotter (today was a scorcher!) hard to envision storms... but only a week ago it was very reminiscent of all the beautiful entries of the EtsyBeadweavers' Challenge.

32 stunning entries!!! so many interpretations... so much talent!!! I already voted for one of my favourites.... because to be honest.... I could have voted for at least 5.... but sadly only one is the rule! :-)

and now it's your turn!!!! Go vote! :-) and you really don't have to vote for me... but should you chose to do so ;-) (wink, wink) my entry is # 11 on the list: Eye of the Storm Necklace

This challenge is my 3rd and every single one has been an amazing experience and incredibly inspirational as it has encouraged me to think out of my box and pushed me to create something I usually wouldn't have created... and inspired me to more!

Here is my piece # 11: Eye of the Storm

for those of you who have missed my previous posts on this piece, here are the links:

Stormy Weather

Eye of the Storm

So don't put it off!! voting ONLY lasts one week!!!!

and in honour of this challenge I created a treasury:
which will expire sunday 9th March

Wishing everyone that entered the best of luck and wishing everyone a wonderful week end! :-)

Sunday 2 March 2008

Pretty in Pink

As soon as I saw these amazing ceramic beads at Bogal Ltd. I knew I had the perfect pink Czech seed beads at home, also from Bogal Ltd., that I purchased a few months back... and as always had no idea what I was going to do with them... I just liked the colour... they are this amazing dusty pink with a soft lustre to them.... I'm so glad I found the perfect bead for them! and back to the bead... I have another design already in mind using the same beads!!!

So here is my Pretty in Pink Choker... simple but oh so chic! :-)

Saturday 1 March 2008

Featured on JaPaBy!!!! :-)

I've been featured on the JaPaBy blog, authored by Jacqui Byrne who, in her own words, is an artist new to the online design community who has always had an eye for design and now is thrilled to be able to share it.
Go and check out Jacqui's blog - JaPaBy - , she's given me a great write-up :-) see her work, her other finds... and leave a comment :-) don't forget to also visit her shop at
Thanks Jacqui for a great write-up!
Here, on the left, is one of my favourite pieces by Jacqui, it's an ink drawing... it reminds me of stained glass windows and tattoos... 2 of my favourite things....
I have... about 20 tattoos, if I'm not mistaken... yes!!! my obsession prior to discovering beading.... beading is a lot less painful ;-D but still using needles and colour... which reminds me go check out this week's post on the EtsyBeadweavers' Blog is all about COLOUR... what we like, what we don't like, it's fun and interesting to read... and there's an answer from me too :-)