Friday 11 November 2011

I LOVE Turquoise! :-)

OK… so I absolutely LOVE turquoise…. and I usually purposely try to stay away from it, because otherwise all I would ever wear, use, think about is turquoise!!!  But every so often I indulge myself and allow the turquoise to take over my life! :-)

I mentioned in my last post that I made some jewellery for my cousin’s daughter’s Bat-Mitzvah…. and that with her permission (which I got) I would post the photos of the gorgeous Bat-Mitzvah girl wearing the jewellery I made for her…. so here she is my gorgeous cousin modelling OOAK Triz Designs :-)

Rina 01  Rina 02

Note, she’s wearing a turquoise dress! :-)

For the Bat-Mitzvah party I bought myself this gorgeous teal satin top… so of course I wanted to wear something to go with it… and the ideas started flowing!!!! here are some of the pieces I made to go with that top…

Around & Around – Bead Embroidered Necklace

Around & Around - Turquoise Necklace 01 copy

Around & Around – Bead Embroidered Silver Leather Cuff

Around & Around - Turquoise cuff 03 copy

Around & Around – Bead Embroidered Earrings

Around & Around - Turquoise earrings 02 copy

There are more… but the pictures didn’t come out too great so I want to retake them… unfortunately two weeks ago, if tripped over, fell down, somehow landed on my chest…. either cracked a rib or bruised it really badly and hurt my left hand pretty badly too… so I spent the last two weeks feeling very sorry for myself :-( + I was in quite a bit of pain, so didn’t do more than I had to… walked the dogs, looked after my son, helped with homework, did the washing… you know daily chores… and any spare time I had I spent it laid out flat on my back trying no too move too much to try and give my ribs a chance to heal… and just as they started to hurt less… I get a bloody stinking cold!!!!! So I thought before it gets worse and I end up in bed again, I would quickly post this…. the other pieces will have to wait till next time…

Till then, enjoy your weekend and carry on beading! :-)