Thursday 30 September 2010

Retro Drop Necklace

Here is the last of the Retro series… I say last but I mean last for now, as I absolutely love this colour combination and an sure I will make some more pieces… but these are the last I made up to now :-)

This necklace, or rather the pendant I used to make this necklace, was actually the inspiration for all of the Retro pieces. I bought some gorgeous pendants and beads from Golem Design Studio, which I fell in love with and this is the first piece I made using one of their ceramics.

Retro Drop - Necklace

Retro Drop - Necklace 03 copy

I also made this cuff as part of the series, but ended up giving it to my mum… my parents are visiting from London and she really liked the Retro Flower – Cuff but unfortunately for her (and fortunately for me) the cuff sold the day after she saw it, so I gave her this one instead… I think she like it, she was wearing it today at lunch :-)

retro chic square cuff copy

In case you missed the previous posts of the Retro pieces, here are the links:
Retro Flowers
Retro Chic

As I said, I really like the colour combination, so I’m sure I’ll be making some more eventually, especially as I just received some more pendants from Golem Design Studio! :-) Check them out, they do really beautiful stoneware beads and I can promise you the quality is superb!!!

and just a reminder, today is the last day for voting at the BAO September Challenge, so visit the post and leave a comment saying which piece is your favourite and enter your chance to win a fabulous prize!!!

Monday 27 September 2010

No Bones About It – BAO Sept. Challenge

Here are the entries for the September BAO Challenge “No Bones About it”:


Please visit the BAO blog before midnight of the 1st October, leave a comment on that post (not this one) saying which entry is your favourite and enter your chance to win a fabulous prize by one of our talented BAO members!

Thursday 23 September 2010

Retro Flowers

It’s been a strange day today… I spent most of the day feeling incredibly lethargic and spent most of the day sleeping… something I rarely do… I usually have the opposite problem and I average about 4 hours of sleep per night… I guess today was my catch-up day! :-) so I woke up in the late afternoon feeling extremely rested and energized and managed to work on two more pieces from my “Retro” Collection… and here they are:

Retro Flower – Necklace

Retro Flower - Necklace 02 copy

Retro Flower – Cuff

Retro Flower - Cuff 04 copy

If you missed my earlier pieces from the “Retro” Collection you can find them here, and as I’m feeling completely awake now… I think I may work on the last two pieces…. hopefully I will post them in the next couple of days… in the meantime…. let me know what you think! :-)

Happy beading everyone!!! :-)

Sunday 19 September 2010

Retro Chic – New Collection!

It all started with me buying some new beads from 2 new artists (new to me) who make up the team of Golem Design Studio. I became aware of these artist through their FaceBook page and I “had” to go and check out their website! and I “had” to buy some pieces to try out! :-)

So I received my package from them and it contained some gorgeous black and cream (ivory) and red ceramic beads and a black and ivory pear-shaped ceramic pendant… so I took all my cram, black and red beads and started beading! :-)

The beads are gorgeous, rustic yet modern, retro and chic so I wanted to create a piece that reflected those qualities and this is what I came up with:

Retro Chic – Necklace

retro necklace 01 copy

Retro Chic – Cuff

Retro Chic - Cuff 04 copy
These were my first 2 pieces and as you can see they don’t use any of the beads… funny that, how I got so inspired by some beads, yet I didn’t use them… I did use the black and ivory pendant for a necklace, but you’ll have to wait till next time to see it… I still have to work on the photos and it’s time for bed now! :-)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!!! :-)

Sunday 12 September 2010

Volcanic Collection – 4 New Pieces!

It all started off with me receiving some absolutely stunning cabochons and buttons from MAKUstudio… and that was an accomplishment in itself!!! Every time a new cab was posted on her facebook fan page, I would click on the link and…. it would be already sold!!!! Am not surprised because her pieces are so yummy… anyway, so I managed to put an order in and received them about a week later… and got out the few I had bought from her a while ago…. and all I could think when looking at these gorgeous pieces was…. fire… earth… lava… volcano… ancient… tribal… primitive…. so I gathered my beads (another accomplishment as they are spread all over my flat) and started to bead my first piece which is designed for the Bead Art Originals “No Bones About It” September Challenge. We are supposed to design a piece inspired by the TV character Temperance Brennan from the series "Bones."

The character, Temperance Brennan, is a forensic anthropologist who works together with the FBI to solve murders. She is often seen wearing gorgeous tribal and ethnic jewellery and I love this series!!!! :-)

Her jewellery style and her profession inspired me to design this gorgeous primitive/tribal-influenced piece featuring two of MAKUstudio’s gorgeous cabochons (actually the top one is a button that I used as a cab).

Volcano Goddess – OOAK Necklace

volcano goddess - OOAK Necklace 02 copy
Then as soon as I finished this, I got loads of ideas for making more pieces with MAKU’s raku ceramic cabs…. first came the cuff:

Volcanic Rock – OOAK Cuff

Volcanic Rock - OOAK Cuff 04 copy
then another necklace…

Volcanic Rock – OOAK Necklace

Volcanic Rock - OOAK Necklace 04 copy

(both the necklaces and the cuff above use all MAKUstudio raku ceramics)

and then of course the earrings…

Volcanic Rock – Earrings

Volcanic Rock - Earrings 02 copy
and I wanted to make more… but I run out of dark copper beads and almost the black ones too!!! (more ordered and on their way!)

So I put this collection aside… and started a new one! Still have to work on the photos and decide on a name…. but I’ll tell you this, the colour combination for it is coral red, black, ivory and gold… and it is GORGEOUS!!!! and I made THREE necklaces and THREE bracelets!!! I’m in a total beading frenzy!!!! and…. just now as I was typing, the doorbell rang…. the postman is here with my order of copper and black beads!!!! The only problem is, I actually run out of Fireline… my dad, who is coming to Israel on Tuesday is bringing me loads…. so I guess no beading till then :-) and just as well as I have loads of work to do for my ‘real’ job! :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead! :-)

Saturday 11 September 2010

Bollywood Nights Earrings – Remade!

Remember the Bollywood Nights post a few weeks ago, where I showed you my EBW Challenge entry and a pair of matching earrings that I was really unhappy about?  Well I remade the earrings! cut the top bit off and remade them using smaller Swarovski crystals and reattached it to the bottom part but in a different configuration…. and this is how they came out! :-)

bollywood nights - earrings 02 copy
I’m so much happier with how they turned out this time and am really glad I took the first ones apart!!! What do you think? do you prefer these or the originals?

These earrings bring me to the EtsyBeadWeavers September “Bollywood” Challenge  which is currently open for voting and will be open till 15th September,

My entry for this challenge is the matching cuff of these earrings, # 6 on the list of entries.

bollywood princess - cuff  03 copy

So hurry, go and visit the EBW blog and vote for your favourite piece!

And last but not least…. let me wish everyone a happy new Jewish year! may it be the best one ever!!!! :-)