Saturday 26 February 2011

Fashion Colorworks 2011

contest_logo_190x190_dark The second International Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest is being held by My Lovely Beads.

The first International Fashion Colorworks 2010 Beading Contest was a resounding success for all its participants: the contestants, the sponsors, the judges, and the bead lovers. 83 participants from 20 countries submitted 132 entries!

The second International Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest is on its way!

There are three categories: Seed Bead Jewellery, Finished Jewellery, and Beaded Objects and Accessories.

The entries for each category should be created in one of the chosen three Pantone Colour Institute fashion colours for spring 2011 colour combinations below:

The 1st colour combination:

image Russet (CMYK: 44-67-76-9; RGB: 92614C)
Coral Rose (CMYK: 0-63-86-0; RGB: F47D39)
Blue Curacao (CMYK: 63-0-22-0; RGB: 4AC3CC)



The 2nd colour combination:

image Lavender (CMYK: 33-32-0-0; RGB: A9A6D2)
Peapod (CMYK: 56-0-51-0; RGB: 71C59B)
Silver Cloud (CMYK: 25-19-23-0; RGB: C0C0BB)



The 3rd colour combination:

image Regatta (CMYK: 73-28-0-0; RGB: 3397D3)
Silver Peony (CMYK: 3-13-15-0; RGB: F4DDD0)
Beeswax (CMYK: 0-30-78-0; RGB: FDBA51)



contest_logo_460x80For the official contest rules and more details please visit:


I would love to take part, but unfortunately I will be away from the 6th March till after the deadline :-( but I cannot wait to see all the entries… last year they were amazing!!! Let’s see what this year’s contestants bring to the table!!!

Wishing you all best of luck in the contest!!! :-) Happy beading!!! :-)

Friday 18 February 2011

New Tutorial! Marie Antoinette and Bloody Mary

My workshop went really well the other day… it was nice teaching again after a really long pause and I’m looking forward to teaching more in the future! :-)

The students made some beautiful variation of the leather cuff in lots of colours; khaki, black, red on black leather, brown… it was really nice seeing everyone pick their favourite colour and come up with a totally different look for their cuffs

Here is the tutorial for that class:

PDF Tutorial - Bloody Mary Bead Embroidery Leather Cuff - Instructions ONLY

tutorial listing copy

This tutorial will show you how to embellish around a cab using Swarovski crystals and pearls. Here are two versions I made:

Bloody Mary Red Leather Cuff 04 copy

Marie Antoinette - Cuff EBWC 02 copy











The cabochon used for this tutorial is a vintage (c. 1940s) glass cab.  I have a few of these cabs available for sale (contact me for details) if you want to make the exact cuff, but you can substitute the cab with any other similar sized cab.

I think I’m going to make another colour today…. hmmm maybe a black version…. :-)

Wishing everyone happy beading and a great weekend ahead! :-)

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Bloody Mary!

I was introduced to a Bloody Mary on a plane journey on the way to Las Vegas with friends who described it as the best drink to have for breakfast! :-) I wasn’t convinced, as I really don't like tomato juice… but I took one sip and I was hooked!!! My first a.m. drink… and now every time I fly it’s the drink I ask for! :-)

The richness of the reds used in my new cuff reminded me of that drink and a great time in Las Vegas! :-)

Bloody Mary – Red Leather Cuff

Bloody Mary - Red Leather Cuff 01 copy
I will be teaching this cuff at the workshop tomorrow… so excited!!! and will be making kits for this as soon as my order of Swarovski crystals and pearls arrives… so stay tuned!:-)

Happy beading!!! :-)

Thursday 10 February 2011

A Touch of Royalty – EBW February Challenge

It’s that time again…. time to go and check out the beautiful entries for this month’s EtsyBeadWeavers Challenge!!!


My entry for this challenge is # 31 on the list:

Marie Antoinette – Pink Leather Cuff


There are 62 incredible entries for this challenge, so your challenge will be to pick just one as your favourite and vote for it before the 15th February!!!

So don’t put it off, go and check out the amazingly talented EtsyBeadWeavers Team and vote for your favourite entry!!!

Happy beading!!! 

Thursday 3 February 2011

Chocolate Cuff - Workshop

After a long absence from teaching workshops, I’m happy to announce that I will be teaching a workshop on Wednesday afternoon 16th February at Bogal Ltd. in Ranana.

embellished leather cuff 01 copy embellished leather cuff 02 copy

The workshop will last 3 1/2 hours where I will show how to bead-embroider around a cabochon, embellish it with crystals and pearls and how to construct a leather-covered metal cuff.

The workshop is open to all levels and no previous experience is necessary. All materials will be supplied.

For more details and to book a place please contact Gloria, details found by clicking on the following link:

Looking forward to it!!! :-)

Happy beading! :-)