Friday 14 March 2008

Back to the land of the living :-)

Yeah!!!! I got my new computer!!!! still trying to find my way around it and trying to finish installing all that needs to be installed.... but I have a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I am very happy!!! :-) almost as happy as I was this morning when I found that one of the pieces that I posted about going on sale at 25 % off has sold!!!! yeah :-) always bitter sweet though, because I find it hard to let go of my creations sometimes and this is one of my favourites, but it has found a good new home :-) and I'm very happy...
will be adding more items on sale next week, so if you are interested check out my shop (
and I've been working on a new piece... here is a preview :-) I've taken lots of photos of this piece whilst I was working on it, so will post another photo-journal soonish :-) it's actually almost finished but now that I have an up and running computer I have to catch up with loads of work... but hopefully very soon :-) ish :-)
stay tuned :-)


  1. Congratulations, Triz!!

    Your new piece looks great, Good luck with a the computer stuff. I myself went through the same thing about a month ago.

  2. Setting up a new computer isn't fun, but it is fabulous once it's finished.

    Can't wait to see the work in progress photos of the pink piece!

  3. Of course! Congrats on the new computer! Also I like seeing photos of the work in progress.

  4. Triz - I can't wait to see how this new piece is progressing. How is the new computer coming along. I do love your blog!

  5. Thank you all and for your patience... the piece is almost ready but had some more technical probs... like no phone lines for 2 days :-) soon all will be revealed :-)