Friday, 18 January 2008

My Workspace

This is my office, my workspace, my retreat! It's where I go to be me!!! It's part of my living room, but the way I'm going... soon I'll need to enlarge it, find better storage solutions or move :-)... I've already expanded it by about 60%.... it used to be just the one small blue desk for the computer and 3 shelves above it... therefore, I used to bead at my dining table and eat in front of the telly (don't like that!). Now it's 2 desks and an extra shelving unit, which acts as partition from the rest of the room, that way when people come to visit they are not subjected to the mess that is my beading table :-) as you can see from the photo :-)

oh yes... and the picture on my computer screen is of a painting by my good old (from school) friend Michael Onona, whose work is amazing!!!! and who has painted my son Ethan, so I have to love him! This painting was part of the 'Babysitting' exhibition which took place in London at the Old Truman Brewery (20-25 October 2005). Ethan was about 8 months old. This painting was also used for the cover of the exhibition's catalogue. My son is famous! :-) Go check out Michael's work! Love him or hate him, his work is amazing!!! ;-)

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