Friday 18 January 2008

Creative Process - Bronze Ebroidered Collar - part 1

I decided to keep a photographic record of my thought process while designing some pieces, because I find myself forgetting too many ideas that I get whilst working on something.... so I now keep my digital camera on my beading table and click away! :-) so here is the latest piece I'm working on.

Preliminary sketches: you will see how it changes and how I sometimes get ideas for possible future pieces.

Below: I sketch out an idea of what I'm aiming for, not necessarily using those stones... I just try and get an idea of proportions. Picture on the right is now my template.

Below: I actually badly-placed the right bead, unfortunately didn't realise it until I finished stitching both (and I don't mean only the actual bead, I mean all the work on top!!!) .... so had to un-stitch one and start again... next time I'll double check! :-) the photo on the right shows the corrected version.

When I get a bit stuck, I go through my bead stash and pull out more beads just to give myself a new perspective and usually it helps and new ideas come up, some good, some less good :-)

Right photo: I decided to include the shells and grey square beads, but not the pearls, although am thinking of using these colours with the pearls for a future project.

I have progressed a bit more, but now it's almost midnight and I don't have enough light to take the picture, it will go in the next installment :-)
So, if you are interested to see how it develops and turns out, come back in a few days! or sign up to my monthly newsletter (above right ) :-)

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  1. Triz, Is your focal stone picture jasper? It has beautiful coloring. What are you using as a base? Felt? This is too cool! I have the same wonderful book you've fallen in love with--I just haven't had the time or courage to actually do any of this yet. I suspect I'd stick with cuffs (the name of my particular game ;D). I am just amazed at how you've taken to this medium, totally amazed :D BRAVA.