Thursday, 24 January 2008

3 Treasuries!!!! Thank u!!!

Wow!!! I woke up this morning around 5 am... best time to go check out what is happening in the land of Etsy... and first I find a convo from Carol Dean of SandFibers, who is unbelievably supportive and helpful (and I just saw, is running a contest on her blog), with the link to Beautiful Treasury compiled by Modesign who makes beautiful organic original jewelry... check her out! very different! Thank you for including my Black Medusa! I guess re-listing items on Etsy helps! ;-)

The second.... I found just browsing through the treasury list.... although after finding it, I discovered a message from Jean directing me to the treasury, thank you Jean! :-) This beautiful treasury, which expires on Saturday, was compiled by Jean Hutter.... Thank yo so much Jean for including my Ancient Cuff... Jean is the creator of Totally Twisted, she also has a great blog, actually more than one, but as my blog is as about my obsession with beading I will only link the beading one (you can find the links to her other blogs on there:-D)

and the third, I actually found yesterday... but had such horrible PMT that I really didn't feel like writing.... Thank you Emmapardos for including my Silver Snake Lariat. I think this treasury is on page 1... so that's cool!!! :-) this treasury expires in less than half a day... so go check it out quickly!!! ;-)

Wow excellent timing!!!! my son just woke up... so time to say goodbye for now! :-) Again thank you all for having included my pieces in your treasuries.... really appreciated!!! Go check out the treasuries.... click on the photos.... leave a message.... just remember they all have expiry dates, so don't put it off.... and if you have missed the treasury, you can still go and check out the wonderful works of the 3 people who created these treasuries!!! :-) will post soon with my advancement on the bronze embroidered collar.... now re-named Sunflowers.... there's a hint!!! :-) you will not recognise the piece from the original photos posted earlier... I don't! :-)

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