Sunday 9 August 2009

Ridin’ the wave - bangle

I’ve been so busy beading lately that I’ve come to a point where I need to take a break from beading only so that I can start posting some of the things I made before I accumulate too many to handle! :-)

When I first started beading… around 4 years ago… I started to experiment with different stitches as I was learning them… and one of the stitches that I really enjoyed experimenting with is the herringbone tubular twisted stitch… and this is one of the very first bracelets I made and THE very first I sold! I got the chance to take a picture of it the other day:

orig ridin the wave bangle 01 copyI completely forgot I had made this bracelet and when it came into my possession again I took the opportunity to take photos of it and to make another one, because I liked the design, because I wanted to see if I could remember how I made it and to see if during the last 4 years my beading had improved… here is what I made:

Ridin’ the Wave - Bangle

ridin the wave - bangle 01 copyOK… so I now use much better quality beads (Japanese and Czech seed beads) which are more uniform in size allowing a much nicer finish… and probably my beadweaving technique has improved a little too…. but I also like the 1st one for it’s un-evenness and roughness… I just really like this design I guess :-) so maybe more to follow…. in the meantime I did start a necklace matching the new bangle… but got distracted by the other 3 pieces I’ve been working on! Come back soon and check them out! :-)

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  1. Both bracelets are the color combos in both!