Sunday 2 August 2009

For Sofia - Choker

Inspiration came this weekend, when I suddenly remembered how little time I had left to enter the August EBW Challenge - First Ladies of Style. So I locked myself in my room and beaded my little heart out! :-) This is one of the 3 pieces I made over the week end – For Sofia - Choker

This wonderful piece of wearable art was created for the EtsyBeadWeavers August Challenge “First Ladies of Style". When I think of a First Lady of Style, I think of Sofia Loren. In my eyes she is the epitome of woman, beauty and style. Through decades we have watched her develop from a beautiful young woman into a beautiful mature woman, and even at 75, the one aspect of Sofia Loren which remains constant is her beauty and her style.

I wanted to create something that would exemplify her style. Sofia Loren has the most beautiful long neck and she is often seen wearing gorgeous chokers.

Not long ago I received the most gorgeous rectangular Russian hand-painted pendant depicting a design based on the Gustav Klimt painting, Judith, from

In 1901, Judith was considered the incarnation of the femme fatale. She exudes a dangerous form of sexuality, confidence and fearlessness; hence it is the perfect centre piece for a Sofia Loren-inspired choker.

For this pendant/bead and for similar one, please check out - Russian Pendants and if you are a fan of Klimt also check out - Venetian Beads.

I will post details of the August EBW challenge sometimes next week. Back to the beading board :-) to finish off one of the pieces I started this week end… stay tuned :-)


  1. Triz,

    Yet another incredible creation. I've seen these pendants and you have used it beautifully. Good luck in the challenge!


  2. Very DRAMATIC, very Victorian, like the gal in the it!

  3. Triz, it's spectacular!! I like it very much!

  4. Thank you so much!!! and Jodi, those pendants are all to die for, and I'm dieing to get another one :-)

  5. Stunning choker...I like that you have let the pendant take center stage while still making beaded part of the necklace itself dramatic...wonderful!!!


  6. This is incredible. You have truly outdone yourself. It captures the beautiful illustration wonderfully. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  7. bonjour triz,
    j'adore le travail réalisé sur ce cabochon c'est magnifique, j'ai réalisé moi même une fimo de judith , j'adore klimt, et je suis heureuse de trouver une fan en ta personne.
    bravo pour ta créativité

  8. Извини, что на русском. Так лаконично, сдержанно, тонко использована миниатюра.Удивительно!

  9. Fantastic!!!
    So elegant!!