Tuesday 18 August 2009

Black Beauty – All mine!!! :-)

This is the piece I refuse to part with that I wrote about in the last post:

black beauty 01 copy Black Beauty was created by bead-embroidering around a black Swarovski pear-shaped crystal (top) and a black agate pendant (bottom) using gold lined black diamond Japanese seed bead. The chain is beadwoven in RAW and embellished with Czech firepolished black beads.

This piece is so me, so I've decided to keep it for myself and wear it at my nephew's bar mitzvah in November! :-) and it’s not that I prefer this one over the Turquoise Shield (they are both so different) it’s just that I will get much more wear out of this one… As soon as I made it I knew I couldn’t part with it… and I even found a dress for it!!! The other day I was at my local shopping centre and I went into my favourite shop just to browse… and at the back…. in the sales rack…. the perfect dress!!! and in my size!!! and at 50% off!!! I wasn’t looking for an outfit yet, I would have left it till October/November… but how could I resist!!! So now I’m all set. Can’t wait for the bar mitzvah to show it off!!! and to party!!!! :-)


  1. Triz, It is a beautiful piece. You must keep it, especially if you found a perfect dress (that was on sale too). It was meant to be.

  2. What a stunning piece Triz...lucky you to find the perfect dress at 50% off to compliment the necklace!!!!!! I do think it was meant to be...how else could you look at it??? :0)


  3. It really is beautiful. I am not surprised you want to keep it. I would

  4. It's spectacular ! Keep it , absolutly!