Sunday 23 August 2009

First there were three….

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was working on 3 of LisaPetersArt’s beautiful ceramic cabochons… well I was… and I did… and then madness took over me and I cut them up!!!

cut 1

cut 2

So after spending two whole days embellishing the piece, I decided that I really LOVED the colours, and the cabochons, but the three together was just too much… I’d already started making the necklace strap for it, when it hit me how much nicer one flower would look on the necklace…. so off with the head! I chopped it! took the lining off, re-lined it, and beaded it again!!!

And here is what came out of my momentary fit! much nicer, I think… let me know what your opinion is, should I or shouldn’t I have cut it up… :-)

Water Lilly

I’m really pleased with how this piece turned out… now I have these 2 left (below)… what to do with them??? hmmmm…. :-)

cut 3


  1. I believe you have done the right thing!! It is gorgeous!

  2. I can't help but wonder how the other piece would have looked, but this one flower is just gorgeous. Your work is always incredible! :-)

  3. You inspire me to continue to create more pieces, knowing, this will be their future....
    simply gorgeous! i love it!

  4. It's gorgeous, Triz. But I can't help think that it would have been beautiful with all three too.

  5. The piece is stunning Triz...if it makes you happy then you did the right thing...

    I'm struggling with a necklace right now and I've redone it 5 times because I'm not happy with it so believe me I understand how you were feeling!!!

    Maybe I should take my own advice :0)