Saturday, 1 November 2008

Through Lilac Tinted Lenses... - Treasury

treasury 53



This will be my last treasury for a while... I've got a really full week of 'real' work to do coming up... I'm not even sure if I'll have any time for beading!!!  and I haven't finished my EBW Challenge piece yet!!!! not for lack of hours working on it.... I wasted all today, tearing up and re-weaving fringes on the collar I'm working on... and after about 10 hours of that useless exercise, I decided that I like the collar better without any fringes!!!! Two whole days wasted!!! arghhhh!!!! :-)  anyway, I will definitely post the finished piece, but as to when that will be I have no idea! :-) stay posted! :-) In the meantime here is my new treasury, active until Tuesday 4th November:


  1. That's the worse part of doing bead work - when you decide something is wonky and needs to be re-done - hours have been lost! I feel your pain - and I look forward to seeing the new piece!

  2. Lovely treasury! Good luck with the hectic week ahead!

  3. I commented on this is so lovely. Good luck with your week and I hope you find time to bead...since I love seeing your new creations!

  4. Great Triz... as per usual a great selection... I love these lilac shades... one of my favourite color!
    Thanks a lot for including my last neckwarmer in such a beautiful list!
    I hope you could finish soon your "real" work and could find some time for your passion during the week!

  5. I am just thanking you all over the place (got to love it...oops, forgot Facebook..will post on my page as well!!!)...beautiful love love the light shades of purple..oh, as the others have said, I feel your pain as well...VERY FRUSTRATING...our art can be very frustrating!!!