Monday, 10 November 2008

BAO Item of the Week

bao item of the week

Here are this week's Bead Art Originals' Items of the week.... what can I say... S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!!! I would say that I had a favourite, but the truth is I don't.... I would love to have ANY of these items (hint, hint to any member of my family who may be reading this blog and wondering what to get me for Chanukah!!! :-D). 
All these gorgeous items have specials attached to them, go and visit to find out what they are.

My item of the week is:
Chocolate Blossom Earrings

Purchase and pay for these earrings between now and 16th November and get 5% off + FREE shipping to anywhere!!! :-)

Also, please don't forget.... voting is currently taking place at the EtsyBeadWeavers' blog, please visit and vote for your favourite!!!!

Happy beading!!!! :-D


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  2. Triz-- I passed on a Butterfly award for coolness in beauty to you, because you have one of the prettiest blogs I read:)

  3. Hey there!

    I'm kinda dropping by randomly (& kinda dropping by to hit you with my EC) to tell you about this new selling site I found. It's called & you should check it out.

    It's still really, really new (still in beta) but it's heading in a really good direction! They are already buying advertising online & in print magazines to bring in traffic to the site. (It's already got almost as much traffic as

    It's got stats for shop views so you know where your customers are coming from! I know! Gasp! Faint! Right? hehe

    & it's just $7 a month (for the first 5000 artists) to list & sell as much as you can FOREVER. $7 a month no matter what! I signed up on that alone! haha

    Anyhoo, it is new so there aren't zillions of people using it (which is good & bad) but I thought you might want to take a look at it. With the ad campaign they are working on kicking in soon (or so they are saying), I think it's going to be a good place to start listing!

    If you sign up, give me a yell & let me know what you think!


    P.S. I just have to say, I come by here almost everyday & the pictures are astounding. What amazing & beautiful work! :)