Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Picture Framed - Pendant

I had such a horrible start to the morning!!! Every morning my son and I walk our gorgeous 12 year old dog Kaya on the way to his kindergarten.... and this morning was no different... except we were attacked by two crazed dogs who slipped out of their garden and attacked my poor Kaya!!! I felt so helpless... one dog was biting her neck the other her backside... and all I could do was block my son by sandwiching him in between me and the wall... and poor Kaya was looking at me with such helpless eyes... I feel so guilty I couldn't do more for her... but obviously I needed to protect my 4-year-old.... thankfully, and I'm not sure how, she had no cuts... Thank G-d she has thick hair, it obviously protected her... my son and I were a bit shell shocked... but we were all ok.... Problem is I have to go past this house everyday 4 times per day, as it's on the same road as the kindergarten, and it's not the first time they escaped and attacked!!! I called the authorities... I later received a phone call from the city vet, saying that they went to the house, spoke to the owners, who promised that it wouldn't happen again... yeah... same owners who didn't even bother to apologise while they were kicking their own dogs to try and get them to release their grip from Kaya's neck.... not an apology, not a... are you ok? is your son ok?... nothing!!!! I really hope they take better care not to allow their dogs out unleashed and un-muzzled!!! but I know they won't...

Anyway... so I got home really shaken up... needed something to chill me out big time... so I started to bead... and bead, and bead :-) seems that beading has become my sanity... and here is what came out! Picture Framed Pendant

I love the Picture Jasper stone.... it reminds me of these oil paintings my parents used to have around the house when I was a little girl :-)

This was so much fun to make!!! I love beadembroidery!!!! :-)

The picture isn't the best... but it was a bit cloudy and windy, so I had to take the photos really quickly because the wind kept on blowing my setup all over the place...

Now I really must do some 'real' work!!! :-)

Happy beading!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is a crazy experience! I'm so glad you and your son (and your sweet pup) are all okay. Hopefully those people will handle the situation in the future. It's hard to believe they wouldn't even apologize or inquire to your wellbeing. Some people just don't care--maybe they were afraid you'd sue them. Who knows...

    Anyway, your stress certainly turned into something beautiful! I love LOVE that pendant! So you sell these things? I need to go check out your stuff. Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous pendant.

  2. Wow Triz! What a traumatic thing to have happen! I'm glad you're all physically unharmed!
    Some people shouldn't have pets.

  3. Oh, goodness, Triz. I had chills down my spine reading the account of the dog attack. I imagined my own oldest (13) dog under those circumstances. My heart would break watching that. Of course you had to protect your son and even if he hadn't been there, there is not much you could have done without endangering yourself. *hugs*

  4. Sounds to me like the reason the dogs attack is because they are treated so badly by their owners. Some people should not be allowed to keep animals.

    I'm glad you are okay. You sure made beautiful things after that horrible experience...

  5. oh Triz - I feel so bad about the dog attack. I don't understand why the authorities can't do anything. I'd be scared to walk that way with my son (don't have a son). Sounds like you need a tazar or something, but it shouldn't be your responsibility to control the dogs.

    Your pendant is beautiful as always. I. too, love the look of picture jasper!

  6. what a beautiful pendant! But oh my!! I hope you never encounter those dogs again!!

  7. TRIZ...what a terrifying experience for all of you...I'm glad that you guys came out of it okay...well sort of...I don't know how you had your wits about you to sit down a bead...truly a therapeutic art. The pendant is gorgeous...I just hope that it NEVER happens again...my goodness, my goodness!

  8. I am so sorry that happened to you! Lose dogs always scare me. I am glad you are both ok. :)
    The necklace is absolutely beautiful! Great work!!!

  9. Wow... if u can come up with THIS when ur emotions are all over the place, I don't know about the rest of the time... however, I am glad u all are fine... I hope u never have another incident like this again...

  10. Is there no one to complain to about this type of thing? Here owners would get in a lot of trouble for allowing such a thing to happen!
    How scary!
    I've been chased by dogs before and just ME was scary enough.

    Beading soothes me big time as well, it's so calming!
    This piece, is, of course, incredible!!
    I hope you are feeling better!

  11. totally crazy about your jewelry !! thanks to inspire me. LILIAD BIJOUX.

  12. Oh my dear! I have no words for that.

    Beautiful artwork again.

    How can I become follower?

    have a great day!

  13. This is gorgeous! I love the color scheme.

  14. What a terrible experience for you, your son and poor Kaya!!
    Happy to hear everyone is well!

    As always the pendant is wonderful...soothing color scheme...maybe that is why you chose those colors at this particular time!!