Saturday, 20 September 2008

Breast Cancer Project - Part 1

For the last couple of years, Jeanette Shanigan has been collecting donated beaded squares and sewing them into beaded quilts to be auctioned off at the Bead&Button Show.  Each year they have a theme - 2007 was butterflies, 2008 was roses.  (Click the links to look at the amazing quilts!)  They raised $4,400 last year auctioning off the rose quilts.  Here's a link to an article posted on the Bead&Button Show web site about all of the money raised through the Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer fundraiser.

Susan of Clinckscales Arts brought this wonderful project to the attention of the EtsyBeadWeavers members to participate in Jeanette Shanigan's "Bead It Forward" - Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer.  The theme for 2009 is hearts.   The squares are only 1.5"x1.5" (3.8cmx3.8cm) and can be any form of beading (must be attached to a backing material) - embroidery, peyote, brick, raw, etc.  The quilts are called 'bead it forward' because you are supposed to make four squares - one to be sent to Jeanette Shanigan to be included in a quilt and three to send to beady friends with a copy of the rules to inspire them to make a square too.  The deadline is March 15, 2009, and once Jeanette receives all the squares she sews them together into quilts.

Here's a link to the pdf file that you must include with your squares. 

I woke up this morning (too bloody early - 4.30 am!!!!) and as I could not sleep I thought I would get a start on beading these squares.  My son woke up a couple of hours later complaining of pains in his foot, and the poor thing couldn't walk at all - well, he was limping really badly - he went to our neighbours yesterday who have a full sized trampoline.... and I think he may have done something to his ankle.... so as doing anything with him today was out of the question, I gave him some colouring paper and I continued to make my square!

As mentioned above, the theme is "hearts", so I started thinking of all the things I love, and of course the first thing that came to mind is my son!!! and for some reason I started thinking of my pregnancy and all the different feelings I had while I was going through it, which explains this explosion of colours,  I guess!!! :-) Please note, I have included some yellow - ok maybe only a token, but if you read yesterday's post you will understand what an amazing achievement that is for me!!! :-)



DSCN5117Here is my first square and how it developed (I've already started on the second, but you will have to wait till the next time to see it).



DSCN5119I have to tell you.... this was really, really difficult for me to do!!! I find it extremely hard to work on such a tiny scale (1.5" x 1.5") but even more difficult than the size itself, was having to keep to the exact boundaries.  This is definitely the smallest piece of bead embroidery I have made up to date... and I have 3 more to do!!! :-)

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful project please go to for more information - it's for a GREAT cause!!!!


  1. Wow this is really pretty. Your embroidery just amazes me.

  2. I just took the time to look at your Jewelry Video - 2008 collection. Your work is beautiful and stunning. Keep up with the lovely creations! Also, your embroidery beaded work is marvelous!

  3. Oh wow, Triz! I love your first square! I can't wait to hold it in my hot little hands. :)

    I have to admit, I selfishly agreed to collect all of the squares and send them on to Jeanette as a group project - I get to see every one of them in person. :D

  4. Thank you!!! :-) and thank you for taking the time and for your kind words Mommy and me boutique!!! and Susan... LOL - I never thought of it, but very clever!!! lucky you that you do get to see them all! :-)

  5. Just a lovely square Triz...and the idea of the quilts as a fund raiser is the butterfly and roses quilts!

    How is your son's foot...hope nothing serious??


  6. oh my gosh Triz, that it really tiny...but, you packed it in w/ a wonderful landscape of color and motion...can't wait to see the other 2...hope that baby boy is okay....

  7. Wow that is beautiful and as I try to image the size I am flabbergasted that you are able to make such a great design! That is for such a great cause!

  8. It's really wonderful. I love the rainbowie effect. Just looking at it makes happy!

  9. Cool! I participated for the butterflies, but not this year. Maybe I will try the hearts! :D

  10. It's beautiful! I really think this is a great project, I visited the site of the lady that puts the quilts together - awesome! :)

  11. I love your hearts, Triz! I finished 5 so far (1 plus three for the "Bead it forward") then a fifth for the EBW's. It is such TINY work!