Monday 1 September 2008

Bead Art Originals - Items of the week 1st-7th Sept

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!! :-) OK so I took an unplanned but oh so much needed couple of weeks off.... My best friend Michael Onona (check out his art work) from London surprised me with a totally unexpected visit.... I haven't seen him in almost a year and a half, so it was a good... no, a GREAT very welcomed visit!!! :-) and he convinced me to take some time off... so I did!!! or at least I tried... I still had to do some things and of course I still had to bead at least a couple of hours a day... but the rest of the time we went to the pool, the beach and just hang out at my place.... we even went out to Reggae night at my local beach bar with my favourite live band and I danced the night away!!!!  (haven't done that in about a year)  and now in retrospect, although I'm very behind with everything, I realise that I really needed to slow down and as they say... smell the roses a bit!!! :-) Michael went back to London on Friday and my son started a new year at a new kindergarten today.... so slowly slowly things are going back to normal :-)

Here are this week's items of the week for the BAO.  Go check them out and see what specials are on offer this week from this wonderful group of artists:

bao item of the week



My item for this week is Black and Pearl Pendant:

Go visit the Bead Art Originals's blog to see what special offer is on this piece! :-)



I'm currently working on a rather large bead embroidered piece - I'm hoping it will be finished by next week - I have been working on it for the most part of August and as I keep changing my mind, it's taking a bit longer than usual :-) but it's so worth it!!!! so come back soon and check it out!!! :-)


  1. Welcome back...we all need a break on occasion...happy to hear you had a good friend to share some time with...
    Dancing to Reggae...I love Reggae!!! Lucky you!

    Your Black and Pearl Pendant is stunning...

    How did your son like his new kindergarten? My grandson changes schools this year and he isn't happy but it is for the best...

    I look forward to seeing the large piece you are working on...

    Nice to have you back! :0)

  2. Triz I can't wait to see your bead embroidered piece you are working on. Your mini-vacation sounded good. I have slacked off for most of the summer and I need to start making some decisions about my direction in my art and jewelry - no time like the fall I guess.

  3. thank you Azure Islands designs! as for the kindergarten, I'm going to wait a couple of weeks to place judgment :-) he has now entered the State's school system... hmm i think he is also reserving judgment.. i hope your grandson settles in :-)
    and thank you Jean! it's good to slack off sometimes regardless of how guilty it makes one feel :-) yes decisions, I also need to make some of those regarding what's going to happen this year :-)

  4. I am so glad that you took the time Triz...I am finding that w/ the season changes, I am starting, even now to pace my day differently. I love your friend (again, he sounds like my friend Cal, whom I saw in NY a couple of weeks ago...always a bright spot in my day) who helped you to take the time to needed to 'smell the roses'...

    I hope that your beautiful boy has a great year w/ his new status of 'kindergarten-er'...and that you continue to bless us all w/ your beautiful work...looking forward....

  5. Thanks Amy!!! :-) yes sometimes we need to be reminded to smell those roses :-)

  6. You did the right thing Triz. I guess that a good friend and Raggae music are working like a charm, cause you already "sound" better ;)
    I can't wait to see your new piece!
    And Good luck to your little boy in his new kindergarden!


  7. It's wonderful that you've had a bit of a vacation. We all need a break from routine from time to time. I'm looking forward to seeing the piece you are working on!

  8. Welcome back. Everyone deserves a break, it is good to hear you enjoyed yours!