Monday, 15 September 2008

Black Panther Bracelet and BAO Item of the Week

 Black panther arm 01 copyBlack panther arm 02 copy












Here it is... as promised ;-) my Black Panther Bracelet!!!! It took me a while to decide how I would make the straps for this bead-embroidered Labradorite cabochon - I knew I wanted something relatively stiff and simple, but at the same time I also wanted the joints, that would be attached to the centrepiece, to be flexible.  Up until now the only bead-embroidered bracelets I made where the cuffs which have a bronze hard base to them.... and then it came to me... why not make the straps by bead-embroidering them without the metal base!!!  sometimes I am a genius - although why I haven't tried doing this before is beyond my comprehension !!!! :-) I'm so pleased with the results that I may start making some more of this type of bracelet (without the hard base).... I definitely want to make one for myself!!!! I've really fallen in love with this stone!!!!! I have one small round cabochon left, that I haven't bead-embroidered yet....  It could be just the right thing for my bracelet... we'll see... maybe a pendant? I'll start it off and see where it leads me to.... come back and find out! :-)


bao item of the week

BAO Items of the week - go check them out, see what specials are being offered this week on these gorgeous creations!!!!!

My item for this week is Brick and Pearl Bracelet - I'm offering 10% off and free shipping if you buy and pay for this item between now and the 21st September!!!!



  1. OOH I think I am in love, with your Panther bracelet. Very nice, indeed.

  2. What can I say...another stunning piece...the Labradorite is one of my favorite gems...just love the flashes of blue!!!


  3. Oh my gosh! Gorgeous, just like I expected!

  4. Great jewellery design - looks awsome. I like the setting very much.

  5. this bracelet is yet another stunning piece...if someone bought all of 'The Black Panther' collection, WOW...of course, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!

  6. Ooooh, that bracelet is unbelievable.

  7. Oh, Triz! That bracelet is magnificent! I love the labradorite cabochon.