Sunday, 14 September 2008

Autumn at the beach - Treasury

treasury 41

I love this time of year, the light is changing, the temperatures are dropping to bearable (today was about 30 degrees Centigrade), the humidity is finally dropping to a level whereas you don't think of needing to take a shower every 30 minutes! :-) ...and my all-time favourite part of the day is those last few hours before and until sunset, where it's still warm, but you can feel the end of the day approaching and you are soaking in those last few rays... and you know that winter is only a few months away, so those moments are treasured even more.... and the colours that I see and feel are the inspiration for the treasury I just managed to grab!!! :-)

Go check it out!!! :-)

This treasury expires Wednesday 17th September:


  1. love, love, love this favorite time of day @ the beach is just @ dusk...the same warm blue hue in this wonderful collection...glad that things are cooling off for you....

  2. What an exquisite treasury!! I predict FP for this one:-)

  3. That black panther bracelet is unbelievable -- just gorgeous!