Wednesday 30 July 2008

Not sure where this is going :-)

DSCN4675 I finally got to bead weave yesterday... It felt like I hadn't beaded for so long that I couldn't remember how to! :-)

Didn't really have anything specific in mind... or maybe I had too many things flying around in my head that I couldn't see any of them too clearly... am not sure...

So I figured that I would be better off to just start rather than just sit and stare blankly at the table! :-)



Turquoise is my favourite colour!!!! and when mixed with a sort of lime green, it just blows my mind!!! 
I've had this large turquoise donut for a while now... and just bought some de-stash from Elements Jeweley containing lots of Delica beads that I'm not so familiar with using.... am not sure that it will work together, but sometimes it's fun to see how a piece develops when you combine things together that you usually wouldn't, whether in terms of using a colour combination that you usually wouldn't use or combining elements together that don't quite make sense... the worse that can happen is that you'll end up hating the piece!!! :-) but if that doesn't happen then you will not only LOVE it but will have created something new and different...


and this is what I'm doing.... I love using the Delica beads because they are so even, but am not sure if I like them with the natural feeling of the turquoise stone.... not sure of it.... but worse comes, I'll just cut it up and I will have learnt that I don't like the combination! :-)









Hopefully I will be able to work on it some more later on.... let's see where this takes me! :-)

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments! :-) I love hearing everyone's different takes and opinions! ;-)


  1. I like the juxtaposition of the regimented Delicas with the natural turquoise! It sets up a nice tension, I think.

  2. I like the contrast of the Delicas and the turquoise. The contrast of the colours, the textures...I think it's a great start!