Friday 25 July 2008

More thank yous!!! :-)

I have been so touched by not only the amount of comments my previous ranting post received but also by the quality of these comments and by the heartfelt wishes - here is my attempt at thanking these wonderful people whose words truly touched my heart.

Thank you MJ - MJ is the author of  How to Grow - I wasn't familiar with this blog, but now it will definitely be on my blog reading list - I really enjoyed reading this blog and it actually made me laugh, because I found so many similarity in the  way MJ describes herself, feels and the goals she sets herself - almost weird... I think if one of my friends would stumble upon this blog they may actually think that some of it was written by me....  really weird! :-)  Thank you MJ for your kind and supportive comment!!!

Thank you The Mommy and Me BoutiqueThe Mommy and Me Boutique  is a gorgeous blog and shop selling the things I was looking for, 4 and a bit years ago whilst I was pregnant with my son...   If you are looking for that special baby present, check her shop out!!! She also makes the most gorgeous little  girl  dresses. and aprons... I almost wish I had a little girl!!! :-) as well as my son, of course, not instead!!! :-)

awardNot only was I left a beautiful comment but I was also awarded this award!!!
thank you sooooo much!!! As I said... wonderful Etsy and Blogging community!!!  I'm now supposed to nominate 7 blogs.... only 7?!?! :-) so I will have to sleep on it tonight.... will come back with my list at a later time :-)

Thank you Marlaine - No words were necessary and I really appreciate your comments - Marlaine makes gorgeous beadwoven jewellery - check out her blog Beadalicious and shop!


Thank you Clinkscales Arts -  Thank you for thinking of me :-)

Check out her shop and blog for some really lovely beadwoven pieces!



Thank you Melody of  SalamanderHouse -  Melody makes some very interesting beadwork, check out her blog and shop!

Thank you Linda of  HighDesertBeadscapes - Not a poor attempt at humour, it made me smile! :-)  You can see more of Linda's gorgeous beadwork in her shop and her blog!



Thank you Azure Island Designs - Thank you for your kind words - please check out her lovely jewellery and blog!!!




Thank you Amy Lilley Designs - for your comment but most of all for your wonderful e-mails - check out her photography shop, her Jewellery shop and her blog!!!

Ok... I'm now actually falling asleep at my desk... so the rest will have to wait till tomorrow, sorry but after 3 nights of not sleeping.... I guess it's all catching up with me :-)

wishing everyone a good night and a wonderful week end!!! :-)


  1. How lovely of you to take the time to thank each one of us..... just another confirmation that you deserve the Brilliante Award.... I wish you well.

  2. This post is the blogging community @ it's best...lots of mutual admiration and support going all over the world...thank you Triz...yet and again, from the bottom of MY heart!

    blessings, blessings...

  3. Triz - I really hope your next week is better than this one! I can't imagine what you're going through, and I hope you have someone close to you who can give you a big hug. I'm here across the world, so all I can do is send you a virtual one.



  4. Triz - I hope things are getting better for you. Thank you for your wonderful post.

  5. What beautiful items you show on your blog. I have started showing some of the items that I find interesting on the Etsy sites. :-)

  6. Such a heartfelt post are more than welcome as I know you are from everyone else...after visiting specific sights on a regular basis we begin to think of the people behind the blogs as friends...what are friends for!!!

    May your days be brighter soon...


  7. run - out of EC, just dropping here

  8. I am so glad thing are going much better for you!!!