Friday 18 July 2008

I'm so honoured! :-)

Last week I found myself in 2 of my favourite blogs: Art Journal and Nanjodogz

The first I found myself in just by chance. The night before I was discussing the difference between wearable art and artisan jewellery with a friend, and although I tend to be able to distinguish between the 2 in my mind, I was having a harder time explaining it to him. Well this post explaines it so much better than I ever could! :-) and she uses my Ancient Cuff as example of the difference between the 2.... I'm soo honoured, thank you Nicole!!! If you are interested about the difference go check it out: Defining Art Jewelry - Six Simple Rules. Also go and visit Nicole's shop and see some beautiful jewellery, here is an example of her work:

As mentioned above, I found myself in 2 blogs, the second one by Nanjodogz, who makes the most adorable polymer clay sculptures, pendants, tiles and beads various dog breeds (see example below). Go visit Nanjodogz's blog and shop to see more! Don't forget to stop by and read

Again thank you both for featuring my work!!!! :-)


  1. Triz - I really enjoyed the article you linked us to that explained the difference between the two types of jewelry. I left a note on her blog; I can appreciate the difficulty you had in trying to explain the difference to your friend. I think, after reading her article, I might be able to better-explain it now myself!

  2. Congratulations on your features, that's excellent!

  3. Your Ancient Cuff is definitely wearable art. :) I read the article you linked to when I stumbled across it the other day, and it is a great concise explanation. Thanks for linking to it!

  4. I plan on featuring your Ancient Cuff in an upcoming post if it hasn't sold yet. I will let you know. :)

  5. Excellent article, thanks for linking. And Congrats on your feature - that cuff bracelet is a stunner!


  6. Congrats on the feature. Really no surprise...that is such a beautiful bracelet!

  7. Triz, thanks so much for mentioning my article!

    I am honored that you would do so, and I hope one day to do a feature on your work. (trying to stay on top of 4 blogs is making me a little crazy, lol.:) )