Tuesday 26 February 2008

Stuck!!!! .... but inspired....

Well... I've been making all sorts of crocheted ropes for the piece I'm working on..... and I'm not happy with any of them!!!! however... something good has come out of it all.... as I used one of those crocheted ropes to make a new bracelet!!!.... Yesterday I went to pick up my order of beads from Bogal Ltd. and of course that is always exiting, coming home with a bag-full of new beads!!! and I got these amazing flat mother-or-pearl discs amongst lots of other amazingly gorgeous stuff!!! I feel so unbeliveably inspired... and have so many ideas for the new beads.... but there are only 24 hours in a day and I need to sleep at least 4 of them away!!!!! arghhh.... yes, I did mention that I'm obsessed with beading, right?!? :-D

anyway those gorgeous mother-of-pearl discs + my crocheted rope and I had to create this bracelet.... it was screaming to be made.... so here is my unexpected but very inspired Black & Pearl Bangle....

now back to the drawing board trying to work something out for the other piece ;-p stay tuned! :-D

and damn that bloody spell-check doesn't work againh!!!!!!!


  1. This bracelet is really stunning... I love it too much!!!

  2. It's very beautiful! I love the colors and it is nice how the discs "hugs" the "arm".


  3. Thank you Ale and Smadar! you are both always so supportive :-)