Thursday, 28 February 2008

Still stuck.... but oh so inspired!!! :-)

So I'm still not getting anywhere with that piece .... it's driving me nuts!!!.... but in a good way ;-) well I keep making all these necklaces for it and I end up using the necklace and making a completely different piece out of it.... and I'm in the midst of a total beading frenzy.... I can't bead fast enough to keep up with all the ideas that are coming in my head... and there's not enough time in a day.... and I can't stop!!! so here is the first result of my beading frenzy, and I must say I'm very pleased with it... and I've already made a bracelet as well but will only post the photos tomorrow, as I run out of light by the time I finished the bracelet.... well now that's a productive day and a half!!!.... I rarely finish 2 pieces on the same day.... and I'm dying to make another one, but it's almost 10 pm and I know if I start now I will never get to sleep tonight... and sleep is a must, together with air, water and food! :-)
so here is another unexpected piece inspired by that piece that I'm yet to name and finish :-)

This one I've named "Merry Widow".... I really enjoyed making it, maybe because nothing went wrong :-)


  1. I love... too much!!!

  2. e di nuovo... grazie molto... anche a me piace moltissimo :-)