Monday 4 February 2008

Creative Process - Bronze Embroidered Collar - Part 3

Well... finally!!!! After a really long week.... first I wasn't feeling well... then I got a really bad eye infection and couldn't really see out of my right eye..... and just as my eye cleared, my son got the flu, high fever and.... as soon as that cleared he got some stomach bug!!! so he's been home, and I've had a really hard time trying to get anything done!!! + I haven't left the house in more than a week.... I feel imprisoned.... the weather is so beautiful outside and I'm stuck indoors!!!!! the only thing that is keeping me from total depression is the fact that my computer and my beading table are next to my balcony window/door... so the light coming in is lovely and the view is gorgeous... and I just look outside whenever claustophobia creeps up :-)

the view from my balcony is thankfully a beautiful open space....
and my sanity :-)
So, for all the above reasons, it's taken me the longest time EVER to finish off and post the embroidery collar progress!!!!

I've actually finished it!!!! :-D and will post it later....
but in the meantime.... here are the last steps.... before the end! ;-D

I CANNOT say that I'm sorry that this piece is
finished!!! it was definately a challenge!!!!!!! so I'm entering it in the EtsyBeadweavers Spring Break Challenge (voting info to follow in a few days)... and I'm actually looking forward to making some more "wearable" pieces (smaller ;-D)...

I honestly never thought it would get finished!!! but it is!!!!!! :-)
in case you would like to see the 2 previous posts regarding the progress of this piece:
Top left is the unfinished "finished" piece :-) top right is what the back looks like , not too pretty!! :-) and bottom left shows the cereal box cut out that I used to make the backing which will be sandwidched between the beadwork and the ultrasuede, bottom right the beadwork is glued to the ultrasuede and then carefully cut around the beadwork

now all there is left to do is brick stictch the ultrasuede to the beadwork.... fringe, decorate, embellish... and of course the fastening! :-)

Come back later on today to see the finished piece!

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