Saturday 16 February 2008

EBW Spring Break Challenge - RESULTS!!!

Results are in!!!!
A big thank you to all who voted and especially to all who voted for me!!!! :-)
The top 2 were neck to neck... I was watching the voting and couldn't believe how close it was!!!
Here are the top 3:

1st Place

Morwyn from Another Country

How could this not have won!!!! :-)
Gorgeous, original and cute as pie... and still can't understand how it was made!!! :-)

2nd Place

Wolf from Dante Spirit

Stunning.... reminds me of moss and fresh cut grass and I can almost smell the freshness of spring!!!

3rd Place

Yours truly! :-) Triz Designs

Well what can I say.... :-D Thank you to those of you who voted for me... am truly honoured.... I know voting wasn't easy, the choice was overwhelming... and I am incredibly pleased!!!! :-)

To see more check out the EtsyBeadweavers Blog:
Well done to everyone who participated and a big thank you to everyone who voted!

Next month's challenge is Stormy Weather.... I've almost finished my piece! :-)
Stay tuned for more fabulous pieces from our EtsyBeadweavers Street Team!!!


  1. Congratulations, Triz, it's wonderful! You really deserve it - this embroided neckpiece is a PIECE OF ART!!!

    Smadar :)

  2. I love your beadwork!

    Also, I mentioned you in my blog today. Enjoy:)

  3. Thank you Smadar and Lone Beader :-) I'm such a fan of both of your works!!!

  4. What beautiful work. I agree with the horse - it is adorable! But all three works are magnificent.