Saturday 27 December 2008

Thank you all!!!

I haven't felt like doing much this week... apart from working (real job) and looking after my son who is on Hanukah holiday from kindergarten for 10 days....  The 20th anniversary of my cousin's death has affected me a lot more than I expected... more than all the other ones until now... maybe it's because it's such a huge number and I can't quite put my head around it all... I'm not sure... but the one thing I do know for sure is how all your wonderful comments have lifted my spirits... and for that I thank you... so much!!! I really appreciate it... who would have thought that when I started this blog, about a year ago.... it would have been a way for me to meet all of you wonderful people... thank you so much!!!! I'm honoured to know some of you!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Hanukah and Xmas and wish all of you a very happy, peaceful, fruitful new year filled with only the best!!!!

So no beading to show... all my project are on hold now... between my son being home and work commitments...  there has been no time, nor energy.... but I have spent lots of quality time with my son, and as the weather here finally turned to winter, I took the opportunity to take my little monkey to the beach... I love the beach in the winter especially when the weather is a bit stormy... so armed with my new gorgeous camera and my gorgeous little monkey, we spent a morning at the beach... me taking photos... my son chasing pigeons.... we both had fun... and here are some pictures of that day!!! 

et beach 18et beach 02et beach 17beach 02

beach 05beach 03

Ani lo wan gow omm!!!!  (translated, I don't want to go home) my son, growing up here in Israel, doesn't speak proper English yet... he speaks Hebrish... which is exactly what it sounds... a mixture of Hebrew and English, basically whenever he misses a word in English he just substitutes it with the Hebrew for it... this makes it quite hard for people to understand him, unless they speak both languages, but it's hilarious!!!
I love these 2 photos - they just make me laugh - he's not usually a stroppy kid, quite the opposite, so his stroppy faces make me laugh! :-)

 et beach 19et beach 16

this last one  is one of how he usually looks:

et beach 14


I have to learn how to work the timer on the new camera so that before he turns 18 I may have a picture of the 2 of us together!!!! :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year!!!! Stay warm and safe!!!   


  1. A death of a loved one is among the most heart wrenching difficult issues we ever have to deal with...your cousin's tragic death makes it that much more difficult, even after all this time!!! Grieve when you feel the is what we do!

    Your photos are wonderful Triz...especially the very last one...your "little monkey" is so cute!!! He looks as though he was having a great time at the beach!

    Enjoy your time with your son...your beading will always be there but children grow up so fast! Yes...I speak from experience!!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your son...may the new year bring you health and joy!!!
    Best wishes...

  2. The photos are great and your little "monkey" is so cute! It's nice to read that you both had fun together... Happy Hanukkah and a very good, prosperous New Year to you two!


  3. Oh Triz, I see that you are having great fun w/ your new camera!!! I love your son...he is @ such a delicious age...oh, if we could just bottle them. My oldest friend Amy passed away 5 years ago, and this was the first year that I was okay...I think that there is no rhyme or reason to our comes @ surprising times...but I do know, that we have to feel it, and go thru it, until we are okay again. I am glad that you have had a chance to express yourself on your blog and feel the support. So, as we enter into a New Year, I pray peace in your heart, joy in its fullness and good health for you and your little 'Hebrish' son...much love..


  4. I just want to come over there and give your "little monkey" a big squeeze. My own mother called me her "monkey" for my entire childhood.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your son, and when you get back to beading I'm sure it'll be something fabulous!

  5. The sky is a lovely colour. I love winter, too bad Singapore is summer all year round =(

    Happy New Year !

  6. What wonderful photos and beautiful memories you created that day on the beach!

    I had one of "those moments" just the other day while the girls and I were watching TV. I thought, "Oh, Mom would love this..." There are just moments when you forget they're gone and it comes crashing back. They are forever in our hearts and sometimes the heart forgets. Hang in there Triz!

  7. What a gorgeous son you have. Your pictures are great so you are obviously getting used to your new camera. It looks as though you had a wonderful time at the beach. Our children grow up so fast enjoy your time together, that is what is most important. Seasons greetings and I wish you health and happiness for the new year!

  8. Glad you had some quality time with your son. He is VERY handsome, and will grow up with two languages, I'm sure. Happy Chanukah! {:-Deb

  9. You have a gorgeous little boy. Lovely memories to cherish, despite the sad ones you attach to the time of year. I always love to be by the sea and have missed it this year.

  10. The post to your cousin brought me to tears the other day. So beautifully written. I could feel the love & loss. Your son is so handsome.

    I always enjoy your artwork. You make it look so easy. I've picked up and put down beading books so many times in the craft store once I look at the intricate patterns. I've never seen any as lovely as yours. I know your spirit will return soon. Happy New Year.

  11. Beautiful photos of your son! Beautiful son! These new cameras are so much fun but we almost need a degree to be able to use all of their functions.

    I'm so sorry about your cousin. He lives forever in your heart.

  12. You have captured your son beautifully in these photos! The last one is absolutely adorable.

    Wish you a great New Year, good health, joy and happiness.

  13. Oh dear Triz... this photo are really stunning and your lovely monkey is simply adorable!... it seems you had a great day at the seaside!

    I wish you a great creative new year... but especially a 2009 rich of peace and joy!!!

    I'm happy to have met you dear friend!!!

  14. Hi Triz,
    a very Happy New Year to you too and your family!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - it's very much appreciated.
    I love your jewellery :)

  15. Happy New Year Triz, thanks for ur comment..