Friday 19 December 2008

So much going on!!!

It has been a while since I sat down and actually wrote.... and so much has been happening!!!  I'm currently working on 6 or 7 pieces at once, something I never do... but I just had all these ideas going through my head and if I don't start on them right away, my head gets cluttered with so many other things that I forget what those ideas were.... I tried sketching them down, but I just end up with lots of scribbles on paper that I don't really remember or understand what I wanted to do with them...  so lots of beading.... but nothing finished :-)  I usually get a lot of beading done on the weekend... but tomorrow morning my son has been invited to a classmate's birthday party....  and he's still too young to be left at the party on his own, so I have to go with him :-( not what I would voluntarily do with my weekend... a morning with 35 under 5s!!!! :-) so maybe next weekend.... and....

sunrise 01


I just bought a new camera!!!!! I can't tell you how exited I am not to have to use my crappy old one anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going from a very old Nikon Coolpix 3100 to a GORGEOUS :-) Canon PowerShot SX10 IS.... which means from 3 mega pixels to 10!!!!!  You may think I'm completely nuts.... but I'm crazy about cameras and have been taking photos since I can remember... at 17 I had my own B&W darkroom... and getting a new camera for me is the equivalent of getting a new car for most people... so I'm super-exited!!!! :-)


sunrise 02So, this morning I couldn't resist taking pictures of the gorgeous sunrise that was appearing before my very tired eyes (at 5 something am) outside my window - here is the view I'm lucky enough to see every single morning!!! :-) I love the fact that my balcony faces east and that I get to see the sunrise everyday, I'm glad to see the beginning of the day unfold, gives me hope for a better day and beauty to fulfil my soul.

So I've been playing around with my new camera a bit! :-) and today I finally received the instructions in English for it (I still can't work out why they take the English instructions out of the boxes here in Israel, so you always have to contact the company or its agents to get the English ones!!! annoys me a bit... but hey... at least now I got them and can get on with learning more about how to use it more efficiently! :-)  Can't wait to start taking pictures of my beadwork, when I get round to finish it. :-)

And.... The EtsyBeadWeavers' Snow Queen Challenge winner is Karin from gypsyeyesjewelry with her stunning necklace "Queen of the Frozen Tundra".  Congratulations Karin, beautiful piece!

I love how this pieces is designed! I love that the back and front are different! I love the opals and all the different elements included in this gorgeous necklace!!!  and love those earrings too!!!!

Check out all of the entries and thank you to all of you who voted for my Frozen Waters Cuff as it came in 4th place!!!

OK.... that is it for today.... got to go and pick up my cheeky little monkey from kindergarten...  I made him chicken soup today, so I'm sure he's going to be super happy!!!!  as it turned out delicious!!!! :-)

Wishing everyone a super-wonderful weekend!!!! stay warm! :-)


  1. Impressive...working on 6 or 7 pieces at a time...I would have a difficult time with one!! Having said that I often work on more than one piece at a time for the exact same reason you I don't forget what I originally intended!!!

    Congratulations on the new camera...your photos are always wonderful...can't imagine them being better!!

    Beautiful sunrise...the view from my studio and living room windows is the west and we have simply amazing sunsets here...I should take a few photos some time!!

    Congratulations on your 4th place in the challenge!

    Wow...35 5year olds...with my children I they never invited any more than 10 children and everyone had a great time!!!

    Enjoy your weekend as well...

  2. Ooooooooo New Camera! Big Celebration time :D I love my Canon PowerShot, even if it only has 5 mega pixels ;o I still have so much to learn about photography, however...I don't think I'd ever be able to capture those gorgeous colors you have. Inspiration for some beadwork, perhaps??? Have fun! And don't let those 5 year olds burn you out too much this weekend. *hugs*

  3. New camera! Heck yes that's super exciting!!

    And the view from your balcony is amazing, and I've super jealous about said view and the fact you had a dark room at 17. That's so NOT fair! I want my own darkroom!

    And, have fun doing all those projects at once! I bet they're all very beautiful.

  4. MAZAL TOV!!!! A new 10 mega pixel camera...I'm jealous!!! You're going to have a field day..and from what you are showing us, so far so good...beautiful shots of not just your jewelry, but ISRAEL!!!

    BTW, Happy Chanukah...I'll be posting tomorrow!!

  5. Cognrats on the new purchase. I was so excited when my husband got me a new camera this year--no more hoping that the thing will work when you need it too.

    The entries for the challenge were stunning. You are all so talented.

  6. Triz - Good luck with your new camera - I can tell already you love it. I have a Nikon D80 and I am still trying to learn how to use it but it is amazing. Can't wait to see your new beaded beauties.

  7. I just got a Ricoh R10. You are making me rethink my decision.