Thursday, 22 September 2011

Almost 3 Months!!!

I cannot believe it’s been almost 3 months since my last post!!! Shocking! Shameful!! Terrible!!!!  and for some of that time I have some excellent reasons (excuses)… I went to London in the summer, stayed with my baby sister and her family – had a great time… the highlight of my holiday (apart from spending time with my sis and my lovely nieces) was going to the Lollibop Festival where I was picked out of the crowd whilst watching the AMAZING performers Osadia… and this is how I looked afterwards :-) 

Size Barnes

Photography by Size Barnes

Bare in mind that I had to ride the bus through London and go to Friday night dinner at my parents looking like this!!! :-) What an amazing experience!!! if you ever get the chance to see Osadia perform… go and see them!!!

Also, whilst in London my son and niece celebrated their birthdays… so I made cakes, of course! :-) Ethan wanted a ghost castle and my niece a beehive
IMG_7575 IMG_7576

and whilst there… and because I don’t have any nice pictures of my son and I together, my friend Dawn, who is a photographer, took some gorgeous pictures of us, here are two of my favourites:
Calendar 11 Calendar 12

Photography by Dawn Aitman

and then we did come back home, but Ethan was still off school… so I spent lots of time with him at the pool… summer holidays ended… school started again…

and I went back to teaching workshop…

So, through out it all, I found it hard to sit down and do some serious beading… but somehow managed to make (and finish) these two new piece:

Tropical Waters – Necklace

Tropical Waters - Necklace 01 copy

Tropical Waters – Cuff

Tropical Waters - Cuff 02 copy 

I have a few more pieces on the go… and hopefully as soon as my friend Michael, who came to stay for two and a half weeks,  goes back to London (yes, yet another wonderful distraction)… I will bury my face into my beads and get some more pieces finished… till then… HUGE apologies for not having been around for so long… but sometimes life takes over and thankfully this time it was all good! :-)

Happy beading everyone!!!


  1. The work looks very intricate and delicate beading with very nice color combinations...enchanting designs.

  2. Your pieces are beautiful and stunning! So glad you had a great summer.

  3. Greetings to you, my beading friend from long ago, lovely to read your post and see your latest beadwork and learn about all your travels and adventures! But your *motherwork,* oh my...your son is getting SO BIG!! I think you just might have your priorities in exactly the right order - no need to apologize for not posting :>]]

  4. Un maravilloso trabajo....precioso

  5. Good to see you back, Triz ! You look uber cool in that first photo:)) I must check out Osadia next time they come to London .
    And the cakes look fantastic!
    The Tropical Water cuff - ah, what a beauty!!

  6. Great pieces - and your look: so cool!

  7. Your new pieces are gorgeous! I'm glad that you had such a good summer.

  8. Your new piece are very beautiful - I love those colors together. I have to also say that the cakes you made are so cute!

  9. Hi Triz, I too just returned home from a wonderful vacation. Wish it would not end. Your make up job looks fantastic and I think captureed your personality. The photos of you and your son are perfect. He has grown so much since the last photos I saw.
    You sound happy. Hope all is well with you.