Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sinai Glitz

Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE turquoise and love ancient Egypt art & jewellery… a while back I bought two lovely turquoise vintage glass cabs depicting an ancient Egypt figure… so I had to use them… and this is what I made:

Sinai Glitz – OOAK Cuff

Sinai Glitz - cuff ooak 03 copySinai Glitz - cuff ooak 04 copy

The colours remind me of the landscape in Sinai… turquoise skies, copper/red mountains, scorching hot sun (gold) and the cuff of course inspired me to create these earrings (which I absolutely adore!!!) 

Sinai Glitz – Earrings

Sinai Glitz - Earrings 03 copy

I started working on the second cab… supposedly to make a matching necklace… but no ideas have come to fruition yet…. we’ll see… and a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow BAO member, Janice Abarbanel of Naftali who is visiting Israel and who makes the most beautiful polymer cabs and jewellery… we met in Tel Aviv  and we went bead shopping of course!!! I got some beautiful coral and turquoise beads as well as some gorgeous dark blue and copper Cryscholla cabochons (which I'm yet to decide if to use with my metalwork or with my beadwork)… I had so much fun!!! it was so lovely meeting Janice!!! and look what she gave me from her own jewellery line…

This pendant is soooo beautiful… my photo really doesn’t do it any justice… and it looks even better on!!! So very sweet of her!!!  My only regret is that I didn’t take pictures of our meeting… I forgot I have a camera on my mobile… Janice however did, and I hope it comes out, as I would love to have a memento of our meeting in Tel Aviv.  If you are not familiar with Janice's work, I would definitely recommend heading over to her website http://janiceabarbanel.com/ and her etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Naftali (although at the moment her etsy shop will look empty as she’s on holiday and her shop is on vacation mode till 14th July).

Ok… now lets see what I can do with that second cab…

Till the next time :-)


  1. absolutely gorgeous creations, i lobe the colours, and those Cabs oooohhhh. What a lovely gift as well, it really is a lovely pendant

  2. Wonderful cuff and earrings, congratulations!!!!

  3. Those are very beautiful pieces. How fortunate you are to have such a gracious and talented friend to give you a beautiful pendant I know you will treasure it.

  4. You did a beautiful job on the bracelet, I have yet to try a cabochon. The earrings are lovely and make a lovely set for you to wear. Nice fift from your friend, very unique.


  5. Hey Triz,
    congratulations!!! very very Beautiful work! Wonderful earrings and cuff!

  6. Triz, what STUNNING designs! Love the colors!

  7. I love the way the turquoise pops! Beautiful pieces. And your new treasure is great, too. Meet ups like that are priceless.

  8. The colors and the design are stunning. What an extraordinary piece!

  9. Amazing as always. Beautiful in all aspects. Thank you for the comment on Beading Daily about my Nicole's BeadBacking.
    Hope you are feeling well.

  10. What a beautiful cuff and earring set! Wonderful colours and texture.

  11. Wonderful cuff and earrings, congratulations.
    Thanks for post.

  12. Always beautiful and inspiring works!
    -Eva Maria

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