Monday 3 October 2011


A few weeks ago I was asked to teach a bead-embroidered barrette workshop… so I got busy making a few barrettes to show the class different variations and of course to write the instructions… These instructions are now available as a tutorial here:

Silver & Turquoise Barrette Listing1 copy

For a better look at the actual barrette, see the photo below:

Silver & Turquoise Bead Embroidered Beaded Hair Barrette

Turquoise & Silver Hair Barrette 01 copy

So I made a few of these, one to leave as a sample where I teach, one for my shop, one for myself :-) and then started making a few variations, here is one:

Blue Lagoon - Hair Barrette

Blue Lagoon Barrette 02 copy

You may have noticed that I'm back on the turquoise!!!  I’m not apologizing for it… I LOVE turquoise!!! It is by far my favourite colour… so I’m sure they’ll be more to come! :-)

On a personal note, my best friend went back to London… it was great having him around… and Ethan had a ball with him!!!

Here’s a couple of pictures taken of him & Ethan goofing around (hmmm good job he doesn’t check my blog too often cos I know he’s not going to be happy about the ones of him diving at the pool… honestly he can dive, I just had a really hard time catching him in the act… poor lighting as it was raining + using my mobile camera)

A few minutes before the rain…

et & mike 03et & mike 02ethan 04  

A few minutes after the rain…

et & mike 04

et & mike 06

and although the temperature here is still pretty high… I guess him going back to London marked the end of the Summer for Ethan and I :-(

so now… back to work… and back to beading!!! :-)


  1. I love the new barrette! I never get tired of turquoise either. I'm glad that you had such a good visit with your friend.

  2. Magnifico trabajo.........

  3. First the photos of Eathan and your friend are awesome. I know how you feel about endings. But it brings new beginnings. The barrettes are a an old style that you have brought into fashion with new beads. Love them.
    Be sure to sign up for my Laura McCabe book. It is the last day.

  4. I like the bracelet in aqua...a very cool color and the beading is excellent too.

  5. How could anyone not love turquoise? Beautiful barrettes Triz! And it looks like the boys had a lot of fun:))

  6. I'm so glad you showed this item. I have a piece very similar in shape that is just sitting in my box begging to become something. A barrette is perfect solution! I love turquoise too!

    Love your pool pics. Looks like so much fun! You must miss him, but perhaps and excuse to visit london.