Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hiding… beading…

Still hiding in my bedroom from the world…. and of course beading… I hide to bead… and my bedroom had become my favourite place to bead… so yesterday I came to the realization that I’m really comfortable and happy in there and rather than have boxes and boxed of beads all over my bedroom floor I should find a solution… and I did… I got one of those metal trolleys (I used to keep my TV and video tapes on it), and I proceeded to fill all 3 shelves with all my beads and equipment that was spread all over my floors… this way I don’t have to feel guilty if I like beading in my bedroom, because now the beads have found their own place in there without driving me nuts! :-)

So another week locked up in my bedroom… and the result is lots and lots of new pieces… I got so into the beading that I couldn’t even tear myself away for a few minutes to take photos nor to list and blog about the 2 pieces I did mange to photograph…. but I finally had to take a breather so decided to start posting some of the pieces, and here are 2:

Bronze Vines on Turquoise – OOAK Pendant

copper vines on turquoise 01 copy
Flower Power – OOAK Cuff

Flower Power - OOAK Cuff 03 copy
Both were created around Lisa Peters Art gorgeous ceramic cabochons… I just absolutely love using these… each one is different, unique and beautiful and I love combining them with the leather. Stay tuned, I have one more piece I created with Lisa’s cab as well as another leather cuff using turquoise stone and in a very bright leather… will post hopefully in the next few days… wishing everyone happy beading! :-)


  1. You should lock yourself up in your room ALL the time, Triz...those are GORGEOUS!! (as usual :>]]

    And I sure know what you mean about the whole bead organization situation. I recently went through the same mental hoops about it, came up with a storage solution that works, and voila! a new lease on beading life! It's like freeing up space in our brains to think, yes...?

    All the best to you from across the Big Puddle.

  2. Your work is really beautiful. I can tell you love what you do.

  3. Gorgeous pieces Triz...but then I wouldn't expect anything less!!!