Tuesday 26 January 2010

Over the weekend….

I’ve been busy, busy bee… beading… I lost myself in a beading marathon…. I made 3 leather cuffs a beadembroidered pendant and I’m almost finished with a 4th cuff….

What happened?… I took out a huge box of Lisa Peters Art’s gorgeous OOAK cabochons and some leather and I simply could not stop!!!!

Here are the first 2 cuffs that I managed to photograph before the weather turned grey again…

The first one was designed around one of Lisa Peters Art’s cabs:

Chocolate and Mint Swirls – OOAK

chocolate mint swirl cuff 03 copy

 chocolate mint swirl cuff 02 copy

The second one (below) was inspired by the colours of the first one:

Chocolate Mint

chocolate mint cuff 03 copy

chocolate mint cuff 04 copy

and after this one I had to use some more of Lisa’s cabs… come back soon to see the other ones…. weather permitting I should be taking photos in the next couple of days…


  1. Gorgeous! It's so much fun when it flows so easily. I went through the same deal over the weekend with my new obsession, polymer clay art beads....and made six sets.

  2. Gorgeous bracelet, got to learn how to bead around a cab.

  3. Gorgeous bracelets as always...

    It is wonderful when the mood is with you...

  4. Those are sensational! I love the way that you highlight the art cabs with simple materials. Isn't it funny how we can get so much done when our hearts and imagination are really into it?

    I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award: http://inspirationalbeading.blogspot.com/2010/01/poster-sketch-sunshine-award.html

  5. Hello Triz. I really like this piece. I make quite a few cuffs in this style. The leather with accent. This is very beautiful.

    Package on the way to you with more dicro glass.


  6. Oooo chocolate mint - perfect name and fabulous framing for such a gorgeous cab!

  7. Gorgeous bracelets. I love your work!! You are great artist!!!