Friday 22 January 2010

Copper Fields

A few weeks ago I received my HUGE order of my favourite beadbacking from my dear friend Nicole Campanella of Beadwright and inside my seriously HUGE box she added a bag filled with goodies!!!! My favourite of all that was in the bag were these absolutely STUNNING dichroic cabochons. You have to understand, until then the only time I had ever seen dichroic glass was on the web, I had not seen one in real life and wow… they are just so gorgeous!!!! So the first thing I did was bead around one, of course :-)

Copper Fields – Pendant

copper field pendant 03 copy Not only is Nicole the loveliest person… a talented beader…. but she makes the best beadembroidery backing!!!! and the best thing about it is that it comes in an array of colours! and… so much cheaper than the lacy stiff one (which only comes in white)!

Above is one of the cabs she sent me which I finished beading about a week ago… and below are the other 2 that are screaming for my attention!!! :-)

 cab 2cab 1





and these started me thinking…. I want to make some!!! So I’m now researching the possibility of me learning how to fuse glass… I’ve become obsessed in the search for information…. I need to try this out… I’ll let you know what develops….

and hopefully soon I will have made something out of those 2 gorgeous cabs above!

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. hi triz
    this is so fantastic!! your beadwork and colors and my oh my that cab!!
    its a piece that really grabs the eye!
    i have a few of them a friend made a bit small but worth a try to make a small brooch or pendant-i am new to beading brooches and have yet to try a pendant-working on getting my tension right thanks for sharing her site-off to ck it out
    enjoy your day
    and many thanks for sharing with us
    tabby :D

  2. Triz this is just amazing - the colors are stunning - it just glows - please keep us informed about the glass fusing - something I am interested in too - like I need something else to take up my time - I signed up for a metalsmithing class in August. I always think there is so much more to learn and learning something new is growing!!

  3. Thank you tabby! :-)

    and thank you Jean! :-) I will start posting some of the information I found soon... and my trials and errors of making my own cabs... I'm sure... I know what you mean about there beeing so much more to learn... there is! I would love to take a metalsmithing class... I keep thinking about it... but one thing at the time :-) and yes learning something new is growing... keeps life interesting :-)

  4. Good Morning Triz!
    First thank you for all the very nice things you said about me and my BeadBacking and the cabs. I had no idea that you had not seen Dicro glass I would have sent you lots more. In fact, watch for a package coming your way. Dicro in the US is over stocked. I will also send you info on how to buy starter kits for fusing glass. There are so many places in the US to do this. You might be on to something there in Israel. I will email you.
    Thanks again my dear friend.


  5. oooooh, Triz, those cabs are lovely and will be so fun to work with - lucky you!

    Thanks much for the tip on the bead backing as well. I just hopped over to her website & purchased some. I've been using Timtex but I am thrilled to try something in ***colors***!!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the cabs :>}}

  6. oh WOW Triz .... that cab is gorgeous, and the other two are very spesh as well. Thanks for the link to Nicole's backing ... look at all those beautiful colours. Now I know where to buy some :)