Friday 25 December 2009

Princess Tia + BAO Items of the Week

Almost a week has gone by since my last post… I had a crazy work week (real job) and completely forgot to post the second necklace I made… where did the time go? … where is my head??? :-) so, apologies, and here it is:

Princess Tia – Necklace

Princess Tia - Necklace 01 copyThe centrepiece for this necklace, believe it or not, came about from a mistake… well I was super happy to have made this mistake, as it led to this creation! :-) I was trying to make the neckpiece for the previously posted necklace Cleopatra by beadweaving a band in graduated herringbone stitch, but it just didn’t work… and as I hate wasting, I started playing around with the “mistake” and got the idea to use it as a centrepiece by adding to it this gorgeous triangle Swarovski crystal I bought not long ago… sometimes mistakes pay off! :-)

Sadly, since this was made I’ve had absolutely no time for any beadwork… as I said above, it’s been a crazy work week… hopefully things will quiet down in the next week or so and I can go back to beading!!! :-)

For now, let me show you this week’s BAO Items:

bao item of the week

My item this week is:

Emerald Queen Necklace

Purchase and pay for this necklace between now and 31st December and receive 15% off + free shipping!

To see all the beautiful BAO Items of the Week visit:

Wishing all of you hay holidays!! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves with your loved ones!!!


  1. Cleopatra and Tia would've been happy to wear such beauties!!! Bravo, Triz!

  2. As always both necklaces are gorgeous...I'm really starting to love the greens...I have to admit green never appealed to me before but this Emerald Queen necklace is stunning!!!


  3. I like the Emerald Queen Necklace! Green is my favorite color.