Monday 7 December 2009

Picture Framed Take 2

Well the sun has gone!!! Horrible, cold, grey and wet weather has taken it’s place!! Winter makes me miserable, especially when I have to take photos of my beadwork!!! but I had to take these pictures… and seeing that they predict (miserable) rain for the next 2-3 days, I figured I would just get on with it… I have to say the photo didn’t come out as bad as I was expecting… it’s a bit (a lot) yellow… a bit dark… a bit grainy… but as I don’t have any indoor photo equipment I had to do with my ceiling lamp for light… and the result is not too terrible… I think…

Picture Framed 2

I was asked to make another of my original Picture Framed pendant (see photo below) – The beadembroidery is almost identical, the stone is different…both are Picture Jasper but the one below looks more like trees reflected in water, the one above more like trees along a long road… I love these Picture Jasper beads, each one has its own marking… each one telling a different story…. I actually like both of them equally, however in the photo below, the colours are more accurate, in the one above, it’s a bit too yellow (due to the ceiling light) and the jasper is a bit washed out… but it’s the best I could do under the circumstances :-)

Well…. all I want to do is get back into bed and hide under my duvet!!… but I have too many things to do… so the duvet will have to wait till tonight! :-) For now… back to beading! :-)


  1. Triz both are lovely - do you have any photo editing software - I originally had an old copy of Photoshop but when I got a new computer I couldn't afford Photoshop again so I bought Elements and I love it just as much or maybe more than Photoshop - I always use it to correct my photos - even those that come out good - they can always use a tewak or two. Just a thought.

  2. thank you Jean! :-) and LOL believe it or not both photos have been photoshopped :-)

  3. I love them both, Triz! Picture jasper is one of my favorite jaspers as well. It can be so incredible "expressive." :D

  4. Triz, if you hadn't explained all your troubles photographing these, I would have never known! A fine job overcoming your obstacles, I'd say, and both pendants are totally GORGEOUS!! Thanks for forging ahead through a miserable day because now we get our day brightened :>]]

  5. really really pretty
    on these vacances..i m gona try
    but i dont think it is gona be like yours.

  6. Gorgeous pendants Triz...and your photos are great...if you hadn't mentioned your issues I wouldn't have noticed.

    I have the same photo skills are severely lacking and I wait for sunny weather as much as possible at least then I get a decent shot...some day I'll take a photography course but until then will make due!

    PS hope you feel better soon.!!!

  7. Yes, photos of jewelry without lots of natural light is so tough... but yours look good!

  8. hi triz
    i found your blog thru lisa peters~
    you beadwork is just stunning
    many thanks for sharing your beautiful beadwork
    many thanks