Monday 14 December 2009

Cleopatra - Cuff

Well I’ve been hiding away in my bedroom for the last 3 days…. beading, of course!…. I love it when I get so inspired that I cannot bare any interruptions whatsoever!!! and this weekend was one of those times!…. it all started off with my dear friend Miriam from Cielo Design who sent me these beautiful Swarovski Chatons and some metal settings…. I’ve been looking for these for absolute ages, and nowhere could I find them, not on the net, not in any shop…. it was driving me mad… and Miriam came to the rescue! thank you Miriam!!!

So armed with my new little treasures… and a set of phone instructions from Miriam on how to use them…. I set off on a marathon beading session… I made one cuff, a necklace and a piece of bead-embroidery which I believe will eventually become part of a necklace…. this last one has been giving me a little bit of trouble in terms of design… I think I’m on my 4th or 5th attempt at making a necklace for it… I’m taking a break from it to see if fresh eyes will produce clearer design directions… we’ll see! :-)

Here is my first piece… the necklace still needs to be photographed… if the weather permits, I should be taking photos tomorrow… lets hope!

Cleopatra – Cuff

Cleopatra Cuff 01 copy

I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with how this cuff turned out! I really, really, really LOVE it!!! It’s cool, it’s funky, it’s elegant…. as I said, I love it!

Cleopatra Cuff 02 copy

The cuff was created around one of the Swarovski chatons I received from Miriam…. beadembroidered using, Swarovski crystals and pearls in dark purple and light bronze Japanese seed beads and cubes.

Cleopatra Cuff 04 copy
Did I say I love it??? :-) and I cannot emphasize how much more delicious it looks in real-life!!! it’s just gorgeous!!!

Come back in a few days and check out my new necklace, and who knows… maybe till then I will have finished the 3rd piece too! :-)

Happy Hanukah! :-)


  1. Oh oh ohhhhh my goooooooooooooooooodness!!! No wonder you've been quiet for a few days!!! LOL! This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! Gorgeous beyond belief!!!! xx

  2. Simply stunning...and those colors are my colors!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!
    Isn't is amazing how sometimes we get lost in what we are doing...time seems to disappear!

  3. It is gorgeous! I love the richness of the purple with the gold.

  4. You can be very proud of your work, this bracelet is magnificent!
    Colors are warm and harmonious. I discover your blog and your works, and I am amazed!

  5. It's outstaning! colours balanced beautifully. so reach and deep.Love love loving it!!!The queen, in honor who you named this cuff to, would give her kingdom away for it. I'm cure!

  6. Cool stuff