Friday 16 October 2009

Black Chic Flowers + BAO Items of the Week

After over 10 years of not being in touch, I was reunited with an old and dear friend of mine and yesterday she came over to my place to pick up the necklace and earrings I made for her to wear to her son’s bar-mitzvah. It was so nice to see her!!!! We spent years together, when we first arrived in Israel and both of us were single and carefree (she has 5 kids now!!!)… we partied in Tel Aviv a LOT! I remember her dancing on tables at this crazy bar! We had so much fun!!! and it was just such a pleasure to see her again!

She asked me to make a variation of the Black Chic Choker and matching earrings and here they are:

rochelle 01
Judging from the huge smile, I think she was happy with them :-) and I asked her whether I could take a picture of her wearing them. Most of my pieces end up being shipped abroad, so I rarely get to see the person who bought them wearing them. She promised to send me photos of her wearing them at the bar mitzvah all dolled up! and I can’t wait to see them!!!


Here are this weeks BAO Items of the Week:

bao item of the week
My item this week is: Triple Twist Bracelet

Purchase and pay for this bracelet between now and 22nd October and receive 20% off!!!

Visit the BAO blog to see all the other items on special this week:

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Triz - thanks for posting the photo. The necklace and earrings look so beautiful on her! I'm sure she'll look stunning for her son's bar mitzvah.

  2. She and your pieces are beautiful. Isn't it nice to reconnect with old friends. It happened to me last summer and it felt so good to be back in each others lives.

    I'm still waiting for the picture of you in your Black Beauty necklace.

  3. Thank you Janice and Jodi! :-)
    I promise the picture of me wearing the Black Beauty will come but my nephew's barmitvah is at the end of november, so I'm not wearing it till then :-)

  4. ZOMG, Triz, your jewelry looks absolutely SPECTACULAR on your friend! The pieces are perfect for her!! Sometimes it is hard to imagine what jewelry looks like being worn, so this is a special treat to see...thanks for the post :>}}


  5. I'm absolutely sure that she loves the set, it's beautiful!!!